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Music biz - how do we turn the tide? Q3
Old 15th November 2007
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Music biz - how do we turn the tide - Q3

A lot of people are saying traditional "mass media" channels are dying or
evolving desperately to keep up. But the fact is these forms of media are so entrenched in all cultures that it will take at least a quarter of a century for it to lose significant foothold. I would think the world's internet/broadband user population is only a minute % of the entire world exposed to media/content. As local/terrestrial media channels evolve, and broadband/mobile becomes more ubiquitous, how do you see them finally converging? Do you see a future for artists in continuing the traditional route of "rights exploitation" (performance, synchronisation rights for instance)? What is your vision of content aquisition in future?

Thanks Guests!
Old 16th November 2007
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Smile all predictions are off

Originally Posted by Saudade ➡️ do you see them finally converging? ... What is your vision of content aquisition in future?
Sorry I didn't want to leave this completely unanswered, but I just think it's unwise to even pretend to predict the future.

React to the present.

Do what excites you. See CD Baby - If it excites you, go do it

Somebody could invent something tomorrow that changes everything, so all predictions are off.
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Peter Wells, SVP Operations, Customer Advocate - Tunecore
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I'm not sure I even have a "vision" for content acquisition in the future. I'm content to explore what this new thing, digital distribution, has to offer. But by all means, people should be continuing to explore "traditional" means of everything: music production, marketing, distribution, even performance.

The tape "killed" vinyl, the CD "killed" tape, digital online distribution "killed" the CD--none of these are true, because nothing is dead. Vinyl changed to become an actual means of making music. Ever hear Kid Koala? He's my favorite turntablist.

This isn't really an aswer to your question, I know, because I don't truly have one, I don't know the future and don't want to stake any claims just now. But I do know what happens is almost always more surprising and more wonderful than people think.

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