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Hi everyone So we have opened this new sub forum where you can post pictures and words on your electronic DIY build repair and...

Tim Farrant
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Tim Farrant 30th May 2012
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Just wanted to share a controller that I made for my JU-06A Here is the trick. I used these 3 videos from Notes & Volts as...

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xavierbzh 1 week ago
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I tried googling this question, can't find anything. Is it as straightforward as I imagine? Connect live to live, Ground to...

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The Count 3 weeks ago
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I bought a Fender, screw on jewel light cover for my Peavey Delta Blues, thinking it would just screw on. However the original...

Marc Constantine
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Marc Constantine 25th July 2022
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We have been working on this for the past two and a half years and it is finally finished. My tech wiz, Rhys Davies, built the...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Thomas W. Bethe 15th July 2022
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Hey Ya'll! I have looked all over the web and have not found a good resource for learning how to power 2 SSL Channel Strips...

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Falcone 4th July 2022
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whell this small beast have great sound... and since i keeped one of few I had.... i spend some time using it in studio. I...

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lukecage 19th June 2022
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I just got done refurbing a Trident 80B patchbay for Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, OH. it was part of the laundry...

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Paul Gold 20th May 2022
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Hello, I just finished doing some mods to my EHX Clockworks. First, a bit of background: I bought my EHX Clockworks some...

sin night
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sin night 8th May 2022
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Demonstration of Hammond necklace spring reverb tanks At first I used a pair of...

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Toobd 8th May 2022
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Electro Harmonix 12AY7 Mic Pre Amp Modifications As I have noted a fair number of comments on the Internet, on problems and...

Dr F.
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mutetourettes 8th May 2022
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Hey all! So something recently happened where my sennheiser MD441N just stopped working. When I went to open it for repairs one...

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hello people 30th April 2022
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¡Hi Geeks! Finally, after four years of research and development (read it learning), four prototypes, many nights without...

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JAY X 29th April 2022
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Hello! I just saw this and found it a good entertainment to do on a Sunday afternoon. What do you...

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asier. 22nd April 2022
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Hey, I am recapping an old Allen and Heath system 8 Mk3 and am thinking about upgrading the op amps. Is there a drop-in...

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Speedskater 19th April 2022
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The manuals for the SM90/91 and 809/819 (all use the same card and omni capsules) state that they come with 25' cables between...

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M50k 29th March 2022
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After not using my OB-Xa for many years I am working on calibrating the voice cards. I am trying to tune the VPO after...

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Ricajake 7th March 2022
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Https:// took down the photo,, of the part of the schematic...

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Coldsnow 6th February 2022
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Any techs in California that have successfully done the Sontec 250 EX gain mod?

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Slug1 29th January 2022
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I love the sound of the AK47 as well as the U67 but buying them is out of the question for now. Has anyone had any lucky building...

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ggodzillaz 21st January 2022
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Hello! :) Recently got my hands on an OB-SX, and from then I've been wanting to unlock its full potential. I've had lots of...

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bernbrue 17th January 2022
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Hey there, I accidentally bought the wrong transformers for a project a while ago, namely the 1539s. I also have some left...

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ChayaFFM 27th December 2021
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I came across this vintage Arp Odyssey 2800. It came without power cable tho. It has an odd power connection I haven't seen...

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yobkiss 17th December 2021
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I know Telefunk posted a thread like this a year or so when he did his 2824 in Finland, but I wanted to share mine. This Harrison...

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countrymetalguy 20th November 2021
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Hello Geekslutz, Newbie and hack from Japan here. Was fortunate enough to acquire a Soundcraft Spirit FX16 that was about to be...

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tomeo 1st November 2021
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Hey everyone :). I am usually pretty good at troubleshooting, soldering etc... But here I can't understand what is...

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WheelieR 1st November 2021
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I'm trying to put these resistors in and I'm getting thrown off by the way the colors look in the pictures and second guyessing...

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TikkoRome 13th October 2021
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Hello, This is my second attempt at this pedal, rebuilt from scratch yesterday. When switched on I get clean audio through but...

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bex27 13th October 2021
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I've just picked up a pair of UTC H-25 line transformers with xlr pigtails. Wondering what my best options are for fashioning an...

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themiracle 12th October 2021
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Hello there I just bought an old DBX 128 compressor expander on Ebay. The previous owner has changed the current transformer...

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Davided 9th October 2021
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(pictures to come) So last week I decided to really, truly, this time rewire my rack gear (again). So I pulled all the gear...

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raito 25th September 2021
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Hi everyone, I recently purchased a TAC Scorpion 16:8:2 in mint condition. I've decided to start a quick journal here for the...

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ulisch 11th September 2021
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Am thinking of commisioning someone to make one for me.. would like it to look as real as possible. Any links to the best...

Wiggy Neve Slut
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nukmusic 7th September 2021
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Good afternoon.! I'm looking for advice on how to improve my current vocal chain in my home studio. I've been trying all sorts...

Jim Carpert
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Jim Carpert 31st August 2021
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Hi all, I was thinking of putting my thoughts on this site while embarking on a journey with a project was perhaps a good...

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ruffrecords 26th July 2021
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Hello guys, I saw yesterday this whole series of great videos with Doug Ford. This one caught my attention as i have two of...

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Aurasphere 11th June 2021
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You know there are times like these when your life comes to cross-roads, a fork in the road where either the weak-willed walk...

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italo de angelis 30th May 2021
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Hello, I've have this issue where the volume glitches on my DBX 160A. Had a look at the Caps and they look good, ie no bulging...

Viceroy is a cat
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Brent Hahn 19th May 2021
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Okay, hopefully this is in the right place. But I bought an Audio Technical LP120 Recently and UPS did a number on it. I...

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JayS12 28th April 2021
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Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. I’m trying to learn how to rack up preamps and was wondering what everyone thinks the...

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ifudontlikebees 27th April 2021
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In this video, I tackled my most ambitious electronics project yet: building a mic preamp (DIYRE...

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dhilowitz 27th April 2021
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Hello all, Any help would be appreciated. I use a Shure MX418D/N Talkback mic for studio talkback. The dip switches are set...

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realrecording 21st April 2021
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So we need a 48 input microphone splitter. To split to 3 different sources. 1 direct then two transformer isolated. Basically...

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Jim Williams 19th April 2021
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I want to start making electronic stuff for audio, and I'm very frustrated. Sites that sell electronic parts (digikey, mouser)...

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elegentdrum 15th April 2021
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Hello, Hopefully this is the right forum. I'm having problems with this phase pedal and hoping someone can offer some...

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cruisemates 14th April 2021
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As Dr. Nick Rivera would have said: "Hello everybody!" I recently scored this interesting looking little mixer which...

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rez 14th April 2021
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Hey Gearheads! So I'm one of those guys who's rebuilding an old mid-2000s rack I had, and was hoping for a little hand up....

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Duayne 10th April 2021
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So at our church we have a behringer x32. It is okay for what it is but you get what you pay for with the mic pres. I am...

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arsmusic 3rd April 2021
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hi guys, i just bought an old dynamix 3000 console and i want to improve the sound of the preamps and eq´s. The desk is...

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The Convicted 28th March 2021
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I'm modding my vintage austrian console from Lemo to XLRs. The problem is that I'll need to bridge a gap between the PCB and the...

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ChayaFFM 25th March 2021
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I built a passive mixer, four channels in, two out. The jacks are all XLR, it has 4 dual ganged 10K potentiometers with 1K...

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David Rick 22nd March 2021