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I'm a manufacturer. Can I tell forum visitors about my products?
Yes! But only the new ones. You are invited either send your press releases to [email protected] or to post up your own press release in the forums New Product Alert sub forum. In many cases its best to post your own press releases so forum members can feed back to you with questions (remember to subscribe to your own threads) Remember this is for NEW PRODUCTS ONLY - it is not permitted to post discount deals or offers. Group Buys are allowed under certain conditions but its required you contact Jules Standen about them first.
I'm a retailer. Can I tell forum visitors about my services?
The short answer is no. We don't allow people to post advertisements or other self-promotional messages within these forums. Considering that has the largest pro audio recording community in the world, it may be a good idea to email us for advertising information. Please check the forum FAQ here if you are unclear about exactly what you may and may not write in posts.
I'm in the pro audio equipment industry and I'd like to contribute but will that be considered advertising the company I represent/work for?
We encourage industry insiders to participate in the forums in order to increase the amount of qualified information being posted. And we also encourage people to be open about who they work for or represent so that readers can judge for themselves the impartiality/worth/validity of the opinions being stated. Please check the forum FAQ here if you are unclear about exactly what you may and may not write in posts..
I can't find a topic I previously saw in a forum. Where has it gone?
Topics can be deleted or moved. If a topic breaks forum rules, then a moderator may have deleted it. If a topic is posted in an inappropriate forum, then a moderator may have moved it. Using the 'My Posts' link in the 'Quick Links' drop-down menu is the fastest way to find your own posts.
I need help with advice on which items to buy.
Try to make a shortlist of what which fits your needs and your budget and then ask for advice in the forums. Don't email forum admin personnel - we are way too busy running the forums to answer questions like these.
I have a pro audio related question/I'm trying to find out what a specific word or phrase means.
Search through our forums first please (!) and if you don't find the answer please ask it in the most appropriate forum.
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Unfortunately the iPhone app is no longer supported/available. Please point your mobile browser to for a mobile-optimized version of the site. Note that we also do not support Tapatalk at this time. If you have any issues with the mobile site please visit our support forum here. recommends using Google Chrome for the fastest browsing experience.
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