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I love the idea: a little box with an RJ-45 split into four XLRs (or whatever) connected by a piece of category cable. You can...

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tparssin 1 day ago
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Anyone using these for AES duties? How do you find them for analog over other cables? I use Mogami 2549 and 3173 and would love...

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Ghost Cable 1 week ago
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Hello all, i'm new here but have been a long time lurker. Well, the time has come to post. I have a Gemini iii in my room which...

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WarmJetGuitar 1 week ago
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Hi Warning: newbie, please be patient. I have been setting up my patchbay. Using the netrix balanced one. I have a few...

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fuzzification 1 week ago
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WhatsUp all. Ive searched the forums but havent found an answer.. would appreciate some insight!! Its my first time wiring...

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straight_tothe_k 3 weeks ago
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Hi there, Is there a difference between balanced microphone cable to a balanced line cable when connecting hardware like MPC...

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P2C 3 weeks ago
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hello all, I'm getting an 1/8" to XLR so I can run my laptop into a snake on stage at a show in a few weeks, which I guess...

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BernieW 4 weeks ago
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I am looking to buy some XLR cables and some guitar cables. Where are the best quality for the dollar cables found? I need a...

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rainwatersound 4 weeks ago
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Korg Minilogue XD has left mono output to Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface front port. Focusrite interface to PC laptop...

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TJe 4 weeks ago
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Hello, I’ve been using the Onkyo TX-SR343 AV Receiver connected to my mixing studio setup with small Bose speakers to A/B my...

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juraisma 4 weeks ago
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Hi. Has anyone found a good replacement for the foam that is installed on the tribars for the USS Apex stands? I found a few...

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Robflys 4 weeks ago
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Hi, My Audient ID22 died, so I need a new interface. I do VO and podcast stuff. I have a range of mics: RE20, 414 XLS,...

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orange 18th August 2022
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Hi Folks, I have an ART T8 unit, docs just two pages and a bit limited. What would you recommend, input 1/4 and output 1/4 or...

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spyroot 16th August 2022
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I'm looking into purchasing a patchbay with ELCO connections. It says that it has 120 pin connections. I believe that the ones I...

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cbc6403 15th August 2022
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Looking for a moderately priced set of monitors for my home studio. Space is 14x20 with an 11’ peaked wood plank ceiling....

John N
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Honch 12th August 2022
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I work with a local Sunday church and provide AV for their morning services. For the past few months I've been helping them...

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dbrown1111 7th August 2022
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As I had "humming" problems on my Speakers a while back, after doing some research into it I disconnected the ground...

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Folkie 7th August 2022
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So I've been watching videos on youtube on connecting a mixer to interface, and everyone for some reason uses 2 channel...

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i need Help 4th August 2022
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I’ve had this unique 3U rack travel case for a while, came as a bonus item in an eBay purchase. I’ve never been able to find...

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dlins 3rd August 2022
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I need to connect a Behringer X32 to an SD16 digital snake box, do I need to buy AES50 cables or can I use one of my Variax...

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stratblue 2nd August 2022
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Hey ya'll, I've been scratching my head on this one all day. I've finally moved into a place where I have room to set up all...

Signals X'd
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kludgeaudio 28th July 2022
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I just got a RME UFX II Audio Interface. It has a Word Clock In and an Out. Standard 75 Ohm BNC cable etc. I want to connect my...

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cbc6403 25th July 2022
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Hi Everyone, I am having a two room recording studio setup on the island of Sri Lanka (I relocated from the U.S. to work on...

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KD_Banjer 25th July 2022
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I’ve just bought a Command 8 but it doesn’t come with a power supply. Anyone got one for sale or know where I could find one?...

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ronev 22nd July 2022
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I have heard this is the way to go, but I have searched hin and yon for some sort of explanation and have come up empty. Can...

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Phil Cibley 18th July 2022
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Is there some kind of XLR adapter that can connect this to an interface? Thank you so much!

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michael960127 10th July 2022
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Howdy y'all, I once had exactly the right screw for my AEA TRP 1/2 rack preamps but I let a friend borrow the mounted unit and...

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Birdlives1955 8th July 2022
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So we all know the theory—gold-plated for permanent connections, nickel-plated for cables that are frequently plugged and...

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BT64 4th July 2022
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Hi. I don't know how to find the cable I need: I need to connect a big-ass (older) MADI optical interface to an SFP MADI...

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fredje 3rd July 2022
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I’m looking to purchase a 16u slanted wooden studio rack with wheels and a drawer. I’ve come across a company named Sound...

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guinsu 28th June 2022
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I am about to purchase the Icon Qcon Pro X along with one extender. However, due to how deep and wide this combination will be…...

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redprint 23rd June 2022
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Sorry, but I had to confirm this with you guys. I was always under the impression that Audio RCA connectors were unbalanced. ...

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Sounds Great 22nd June 2022
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Hello! I got a snake cable set up for me, which has 8 channels XLR-XLR standard mic connections, and two channels with combo...

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KB Escape Hatch 17th June 2022
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For the K&M 18810 keyboard stand: does anyone know if it is possible to mount supports for 2 monitors above the keyboard?...

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Sam47 8th June 2022
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Hey everyone, I Got this great little mixer by soundcraft and have been wanting to use it with My reel to reel to create tape...

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isakrags 8th June 2022
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I need a power supply for a tascam m2600 mk2 sound mixer

Mystro D
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BoricuaPR 7th June 2022
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Hi there I want to convert an aviation headset (eg David Clark H10 series) to use for it’s headphones + microphone...

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Folkie 30th May 2022
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I’m after some rack screws that are m6 Allen key with plastic protection cups. See photo I can find the m6 Allen key bolts I...

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Vapewell 30th May 2022
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Power outrage is fairly common in my area. My audio equipment is plugged into a Furman power conditioner and I've never had any...

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191919 22nd May 2022
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Have new evolution acoustics micro one monitors, UAD interface, hafler p1000 amp….before this setup , had just UAD and HS8...

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Hyep 21st May 2022
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I just recently finished building an XLR patch panel. I used the Neutrik female combo jacks for the face and gold male XLR jacks...

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Scoox 20th May 2022
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In using a Litra Torch ( a small battery-powered LED light with a magnetic mount) within a few inches of a mic cable with...

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Muser 18th May 2022
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Hello ! I have to start thinking about cabeling, I would like to install a couple XLR patch bays that run from the recording...

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tparssin 17th May 2022
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Hi, Some newbie questions coming your way! I want to connect a bunch of synths to a patchbay, 8 of them. I've read that 90% of...

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CAL. 16th May 2022
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Hey everyone, I just got a Sanken Cux 100k and its a 30mm microphone so it's been difficult finding windshield options for it....

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Folkie 12th May 2022
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Hello,this is my first post. I ordered a Rycote 045002 InVision USM Studio Kit from Amazon for the Neumann U87Ai microphone I...

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Folkie 12th May 2022
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Hi, I conducted a quick test of ferrite clamps vs internal noise of an analog processor and maybe some other people would have...

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David Rick 7th May 2022
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I've got a growing # of small synths & effects boxes that all take stereo in and out. PiSound, Norns Shield, Organelle... ...

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wolfereeno 2nd May 2022
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Septira 2nd May 2022
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I have started evaluating whether the distribution of power in my studio matters to the sound. Here is my very first...

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yeraii 1st May 2022