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Anyone using these for AES duties? How do you find them for analog over other cables? I use Mogami 2549 and 3173 and would love...

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mcgilroy 15 hours ago
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Hi all I'm running in a problem with my new Korg minilogue. As soon as the synth is connected via USB there is unwanted...

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godninja 1 day ago
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I have a need in my studio for a seemingly simple drop box. It is almost identical to this Redco product:...

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plexicube 1 day ago
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Hello, I just purchased a used Sansamp PSA 1 and am wiring it into my patchbay. On the rear of the unit it has "Input...

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reelbigspikey 4 days ago
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I’m after some rack screws that are m6 Allen key with plastic protection cups. See photo I can find the m6 Allen key bolts I...

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axeman_uk 5 days ago
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Hi Everyone, I'm a new member here but a long-time reader. I've got an Equitech Son of Q powering my home studio. When mic...

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Rick Dalton 1 week ago
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Dear lovely Community, as the gear gets better its time to check for the appropriate cables.. at least in my case. I saw/...

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TikkoRome 1 week ago
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Hello there good people. I would like to mic up my amp and record some guitar tracks with my USB interface. I was wondering: Will...

Axemaster G
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kludgeaudio 1 week ago
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Hi guys! Which brand to choose? that seriously expresses the purity and depth of the signal with minimum losses as possible...

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TikkoRome 1 week ago
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I think I can more easily connect my outboard gear with selections of dsubs. I asked about the flock audio digitally controlled...

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TikkoRome 1 week ago
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Hey guys jkthtyrt •What i have.. RME babyface pro Audient ASP800 Running windows 10 with cubase 11. Mostly into...

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RuZza 3 weeks ago
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Idiot here. I built a brand new rack to hold my outboard gear and I did not pay attention to my power cables. I unfortunately...

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Chaos215bar2 3 weeks ago
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Hello Does anyone know how to hook up Focusrite 4i4 (audio interface use only) (shown in red) Dbs286s (pre-amp) (shown in...

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slainbabyyc 3 weeks ago
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Hi there, I want to connect a 1/4" mono balanced output of an Arturia Microfreak to 2 x 1/4" mono balanced inputs on a...

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Chrisw79 3 weeks ago
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I've searched for this but can't find it so forgive me if I missed it or its so simple I'm just overthinking it. Here's what I...

88 Fingers Louie
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Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 13th August 2021
Avatar for Jack Butters

I recently bought myself a ProCo RAT2 distortion pedal with the intention of running ABL3 through it (from my DAW and back...

Jack Butters
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Avatar for TJe
TJe 9th August 2021
Avatar for Roro92

Hi everyone I am facing a dilemma. My whole (small) studio is set-up with mono 1/4 TS jacks. I want to buy an equalizer...

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Bushman 26th July 2021
Avatar for marcnyc

Hello I bought a vintage Oktava microphone from ebay that comes with a 3-prong connector that resembles a MIDI or a DIN connector...

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midnightblue 26th July 2021
Avatar for jtycho

I’m looking for a male to male 8 pin din (non mini) cable with a right angle on one end. Anyone know where this could be...

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bitman 25th July 2021
Avatar for openears

Hello. I'm looking at possibly buy an RME Fireface UFX+, but it has no S/PDIF RCA style jacks. I have a TC Electronic M-One XL...

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openears 25th July 2021
Avatar for DaveBoulden

I have been looking for a pair of Allen & Heath RPS11 PSU link cables and got a quote from the UK distributor and was shocked...

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indiana_c 21st July 2021
Avatar for jeffdougler

Howdy folks, I ordered a 4-tiered stand about 3 weeks back, and I haven’t received any word from Jasper other than them...

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rickosound 15th July 2021
Avatar for mrfauxe

Looking at these diagrams, the TRS sleeve is connected to both '1' and '3' on the XLR connectors. Can anyone help me understand...

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mrfauxe 8th July 2021
Avatar for monsieurjoko

Hi everyone! So I have this problem. I have a Korg Opsix that have balanced outputs with TRS cables. I want to record audio of...

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monsieurjoko 5th July 2021
Avatar for Jonathan Seagull

Hi Guys! This is my first post. I have soldered and designed my own cables for years now but I am facing something really...

Jonathan Seagull
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momomel 5th July 2021
Avatar for Obe1

I've read whatever threads there are on here about whether or not using the "digital" Mogami cable improves the sound...

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momomel 5th July 2021
Avatar for jm2c

I bought a Roland M12E from Italy and it just arrived via DHL. However, the electric plug socket is this weird L type connector,...

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Avatar for kludgeaudio
kludgeaudio 1st July 2021
Avatar for Samovski

Hey all, Found a subwoofer that's part of a home theatre sound system that belonged to my grandfather in the loft today....

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BT64 26th June 2021
Avatar for Roomy

Hello gearheads, Just a quick one. Does such a thing exist and could someone point me in the direction of one if its a...

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minime123 24th June 2021
Avatar for mystified

Im planning to buy E3.5 monitors to use on my Behringer UMC202HD... Will 2x of these cables do the job for me:...

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Avatar for BT64
BT64 21st June 2021
Avatar for mikoo69

Wiring up my small home studio. Looking at cable types, I am thinking of using Grimm TPR (10') from my Avocet DAC/Monitor...

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Avatar for Michael Myers
Michael Myers 17th June 2021
Avatar for Aka_bob

Have the new hedd mk2’s sub and type 20’s coming and want to connect using the aes section of my audio interface……I...

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Avatar for Aka_bob
Aka_bob 17th June 2021
Avatar for Mike7300

Hi - I’m a musician and was wondering if there’s a portable battery you would recommend just to give - few hours of power to...

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Avatar for trick fall
trick fall 16th June 2021
Avatar for amorrison651

I recently got given a DACS Clarity Mix 16 input, 8 output (actually looks like 9 outputs- assuming one is headphones though...

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amorrison651 14th June 2021
Avatar for rayson

Hello all, I am replacing the Mogami 2549 XLRs betwen my DAC/ preamp and preamp/ active speakers with the Grimm TPR which gives...

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Avatar for BT64
BT64 13th June 2021
Avatar for chawnton

I’m moving from the US to Berlin this winter and am trying to figure out the best way to power a small studio with all American...

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Avatar for pecorporation
pecorporation 11th June 2021
Avatar for Jamie Martin

Has anyone ever heard of such a device? Recently acquired a set of coles 4038s, having a few issues with rumble being picked up...

Jamie Martin
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Avatar for elegentdrum
elegentdrum 10th June 2021
Avatar for rhythmcomposer

Is it true that you can use TRS cables with balanced audio patchbays for stereo signals, thereby effectively cutting in half the...

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Avatar for MPrinsen
MPrinsen 8th June 2021
Avatar for rhythmcomposer

What's the difference between the K&M 18820 and 18810 keyboard stands? They look pretty much the same though the 18810 is...

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Avatar for SkyPirate
SkyPirate 31st May 2021
Avatar for lunecha

Hi, it's possible : (to plug to ADAT preamp with 8 balanced/stereo INs XLR/TRS...) a)- 2 jack TS to 1 jack TRS (out of synth...

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Avatar for lunecha
lunecha 25th May 2021
Avatar for john john

I'm moving from Germany to the US, and I have a bunch of IEC extension cables that seem to be rated at 250/440v. I'm trying to...

john john
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Avatar for john john
john john 25th May 2021
Avatar for DontaBlack

Whats good GS fam, Was needing a little assistance on connecting a pair of Auratone 5C's / Crown D-75 amp to a ESI Moco...

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Avatar for jweisbin
jweisbin 21st May 2021
Avatar for Tiny Studio

Hello everybody Is it possible to use the HEX Audio Loop Switcher from Voodoo Lab for vocals? Or will this cause troubles...

Tiny Studio
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Avatar for Tiny Studio
Tiny Studio 15th May 2021
Avatar for mac black

I wanted to go out of my Prism via AES to my PMC two two 8 and Adam S5H digitally and save one conversion. Are there any...

mac black
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Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 14th May 2021
Avatar for lunecha

hi, this exists ? its to plug a reverb M2000 XLR L&R to 1 ADAT preamp balanced TRS jack, possible ? or it need L&R jack...

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Avatar for GLouie
GLouie 13th May 2021
Avatar for adalogue

Anyone aware of a shock mount that mates with the threaded base of the R10 microphone? Thanks in advance!

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Avatar for mbvoxx
mbvoxx 12th May 2021
Avatar for Konsider

Ok, I am sure I must be missing something here. I am looking for a 19” rack-mounted power supply distribution/conditioner unit,...

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Avatar for stopthesignal
stopthesignal 7th May 2021
Avatar for Timonaomi

Hello all, i'm new here but have been a long time lurker. Well, the time has come to post. I have a Gemini iii in my room which...

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Avatar for Timonaomi
Timonaomi 6th May 2021
Avatar for lunecha

Hello, i ordered a (used) TC Electronic M2000, & i dunno how to plug it ! i resume my pb at end of this post, hard to...

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Avatar for lunecha
lunecha 5th May 2021
Avatar for becks bolero

I have a piece of gear that needs 2x TNC (threaded connector) lamps: I was using a BNC ( bayonet connector) lamp with a TNC...

becks bolero
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Avatar for becks bolero
becks bolero 2nd May 2021