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Hi guys, my name is Pau i’ve recently open up my production and mixing company: and im looking...

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Pa104 17th November 2020
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Hey everybody, we're a new music promotion channel focused on a few subgenres of techno. For months we've been pondering whether...

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coprifuoco 15th November 2020
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Hi guys, I have 2 pop songs I am producing. Both songs are almost finished, but before we send them out to be mixed I want to...

Lazer Toms
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Lazer Toms 15th November 2020
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I’ve got some free time at the moment so if anybody want a free mix pm me

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Keministi 13th November 2020
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I started learning production at the beginning of the year and have basically spent all my free time getting down the core stuff....

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Decemberzerg 10th November 2020
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I'm trying to get an online death metal band started. The current instrument lineup: one bass player (5 string), one vocalist, 2...

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somerandomguy 7th November 2020
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I’m looking for a male or female vocalist to track just the chorus of one of my original songs. Pm me for info!

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Digiplex 31st October 2020
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Hello all. WE had a concert with my band and recorded each mixer channel to a Mac (Behringer digital mixer). All the recording...

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RobotDeNiro 26th October 2020
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Hello everyone, I write songs, play the guitar and sing, I am looking for a sound producer who would help me saturate the sound,...

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RobotDeNiro 26th October 2020
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Hello Slutz, Here we have a brand new recording facility located in Lynn, Ma. We currently have one full-time engineer, and one...

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boombapdame 21st October 2020
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Hi, those of you who know about electronic music genres/styles, what do you think which genre/style is it related to or could it...

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Donedeal0 15th October 2020
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I have been dabbling around in music for years. Recently I have just started taking it more seriously. Getting collabs with...

Kng T
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Kng T 13th October 2020
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Hi all, I am a commercials director in the UK by profession. For fun, I make sketch comedy with actors here...

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Jeff Hayat 13th October 2020
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Hello, I am willing to collaborate and work on projects for singers/producers/artists Find below my latest cover for an...

DJ Bechara
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DJ Bechara 4th October 2020
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Looking for a real producer. I can as well but I want to start something special with a duo. Brining real music back. No type...

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Soundslavestudio 18th September 2020
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Hey all, I am a songwriter and want to write hooks / melodies for other producers. Right now I only work with one producer who...

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dirkdigles 14th September 2020
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Hi, A few years ago I recorded a couple of hundred acetates on a fairly nice turntable set up. However, I think the stylus...

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Retouch 13th September 2020
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Hey GS, Not a ton of context needed really; I'm a one-man band at this point and my lack of engineering chops (all...

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Musicncars 13th September 2020
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I'm looking for folks interested in collaborating on some heavy/dark electronic music. I've been working my chops back into...

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BarkerStreet 9th September 2020
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Hello all I am working on an album and am keen to get some collaborators on board. I need help with the more technical side...

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boombapdame 8th September 2020
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Hello I'm a professional sitarist, a Composer and a Music Producer. If anyone would like to add some Sitar to their tracks,...

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Jevon 3rd September 2020
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Hello. Let me start by saying that I am a vocalist. I am looking for a producer(s) to collaborate on a mixtape or EP. You should...

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Kahdee 2nd September 2020
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Just wondering how people generally try to contact name mixers, artists and producers? Is there a legit database somewhere out...

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Moondog007 31st August 2020
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hello there im a mixing engineer in turkey...i can offer easly great sounding mixes to you for very cheap price and if you dont...

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risingson8 26th August 2020
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hello there im a mixing engineer in turkey...i can offer easly great sounding mixes to you for very cheap price and if you dont...

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genca32 26th August 2020
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Version 4 that is. I kind of know what I do, but I seem to have trouble with demasking and just making the tracks stand out...

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insider9 24th August 2020
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I realize that doing these at home will always be demos. When I get in to mixing my own songs I can obsess and then I realize...

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insider9 23rd August 2020
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Hey guys :) I had some vacation and ran into the same thing again with our band like we had before when letting remote mix our...

Mixbucket Felix
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Mixbucket Felix 7th August 2020
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Hi fellow music makers! As many, I've been in tough financial situation lately. I'm unemployed for a longer period of time....

Detonate DTNT
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Detonate DTNT 26th July 2020
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Hello fellow Gearslutz! Just thought I'd drop a link to my website as work has been a little slow over the past 2 months: ...

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deedeeyeah 24th July 2020
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Hi, I'd like to find someone to help compose a song in the following genres: - Pop punk - Emo rap AKA Soundcloud rap -...

Big Thier
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M2E 24th July 2020
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Hello, During this period of lockdown at home, I am looking for other mates willing to work on releases .... check my...

DJ Bechara
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Quality 21st July 2020
Avatar for OldMan

Hello Is there anybody here who has time to listen to a mix every now and then and give his second opinion? Style: Rock...

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JEK3 19th July 2020
Avatar for nakedpeople

Hey guys, Swedish singer/songwriter looking for some creative people to join in on some magic. Been working on an album for...

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Quality 17th July 2020
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Hi everyone! I've been making music for a few years and started getting into beat making 1,5 months ago. I made 50-55 beats...

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Quality 17th July 2020
Avatar for ra4

Hi, folks I am the keyboard player for a proggy-funky indie rock band from Mexico City. We recorded a 6 song demo a while ago,...

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iambosito 6th July 2020
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Hey guys, I was wondering if there's any area of the forum pertaining to an exchange of skills? Or in fact is this the right...

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konkon 3rd July 2020
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dan98 24th June 2020
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I would like to make some music witha female singer. About me 40 years male

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PartyBoyTheHero 3rd June 2020
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Hi there! There's slots open at the moment to get your music mixed and mastered with a professional result by me. I am usually...

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martinantonsson 29th May 2020
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Im helping an artist with a song where we are looking for a cello part throughout most of the song. We tried vst's but is...

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pqu4d 28th May 2020
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Hey guys, I’m a vocalist and lyricist from Berlin and I’m looking for people, who would like to collaborate. Soundwise...

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Jevon 28th May 2020
Avatar for BridgeAD

Hi, I have lots of finished rock / heavy rock tracks that require vocals male or female. Although some of the tracks are...

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BridgeAD 26th May 2020
Avatar for neurodrive

collaboration is remote and not commercial. need skill and desire to sing in english, preferably with a twinkle) plans at least...

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neurodrive 22nd May 2020
Avatar for bestmusichits

Hi everyone, we have a song, a pop love ballad, which we want to be recorded at least as a demo. We're looking for a male...

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bestmusichits 22nd May 2020
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I just got an email saying Bandhub shutting down March 15th. anyone use bandhub?

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kro 21st May 2020
Avatar for Richie Buz

My name is Richie Buz a 22 year old MC from Milwaukee Wisconsin and I'm looking for a producer to collab with. The sound...

Richie Buz
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emenmusic 14th May 2020
Avatar for Lord_Dreadmoor

So while a competent musician and engineer myself, I am actually a far more skilled filmmaker and animator and am currently...

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denstrow 13th May 2020
Avatar for TheLSC

Hey guys, not sure if this is allowed, so please delete if it is not. A band I work with are running a remix competition...

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badmark 13th May 2020
Avatar for VivienneRose

Hello there! I'm a very new artist and I'm looking for some help mixing my songs. My Soundcloud is...

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Bonzo4880 13th May 2020