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By popular demand here is a new collaborations sub forum where you can seek out like-minded forum members to help out with...

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Mr. Zee 2 days ago
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ive got a few songs in demo form that my main band project are not using so im looking for a singer with lyrics that can record...

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twowaytelevision 1 day ago
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After many years of being hounded by former fans I'm looking to reconstitute Somnium Seven....

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Hollowman9 1 day ago
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Hi, Is there any songwriter that wants to write to one of these? Cheers, Seb

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stiba 2 days ago
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Hi folks, I am opening up my electronic music production studio. I have built up a pretty sweet setup in one of the rooms in a...

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frico 2 days ago
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Hi Everyone I want to tell you that I'm tributing one of my favourite rapper Juice Wrld. I'm a big fan of him for that reason...

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travisscott 2 days ago
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Hello everyone, I'm new in this fabulous website and in this wonderfull world. I'm currently realising my dream by studying...

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GwenTenner 6 days ago
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Hey y'all, I'm searching for an Hiphop / RnB -Artist (female / male) to collab on my latest instrumental "Mariana...

Lionheart Beatz
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GAVAHMON 1 week ago
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Yo! Got a dope, underground NY record that needs mixing ASAP! Punk kids, jazz heads, electronic dance djs, there's a little...

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HeadlessDinosaur 1 week ago
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Looking for a Gtr player to write/record with remotely... Americana, blues, rock, roots... pm me!

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bgood 3 weeks ago
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Looong time lurker here. I've been making music for a while and have learned a lot on this forum. I'd love to link up with...

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Hitrate 4 weeks ago
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23 year old rapper from the Bay Area in California . I specialize in Bay Area type beats “AllBLACK OFFSET JIM MOZZY LAVISH D”...

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Zone7Rizzo 24th March 2021
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I recently bought the Avalon 737 plug uad plug in . I have it connected to my Apollo twin mk2 .. I have a tlm 103 mic .. but when...

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Zone7Rizzo 24th March 2021
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If you are a singer songwriter and would like to collaborate on some new material that looks back on some great songs of the 80's...

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KStC 24th March 2021
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Hey everyone, I'm getting started as a mixing engineer, so if you're also just getting started as a recording artist and are...

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bex27 23rd March 2021
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If you are a singer songwriter and would like to collaborate on some new material that looks back on some great songs of the 80's...

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KStC 23rd March 2021
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Have you guys heard about "Vollume Control" yet? :) We've developed this application to help music professionals...

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a.voll 22nd March 2021
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Hi, I'm a musician in Barcelona. I have recorded an album and need english correction for coherence and pronounciation. These are...

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enricmar 22nd March 2021
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greggybud 13th March 2021
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Hi. Newbie here. I'm dabbling in getting into the VO scene. I've been researching for the past month and have bought the...

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DadofMo 4th March 2021
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I'm a commissioner and editor for Accusonus' blog. Accusonus are a music software company that specialise in plugins that aid...

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EggAudio 3rd March 2021
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My name is Joel Lebron, Im a bass player. If you are recording a song and you need a bass player, please contact me to...

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joelebron00 22nd February 2021
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Hello! I'm Lebron and I'll be your pro session bass player. If you need my services don't hesitate and contact me.

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joelebron00 20th February 2021
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I'm looking for a complimentary piece that can do percussion and bass and anything else that works. Possibly to form a duo.

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joelebron00 20th February 2021
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Hi I am a singer/guitarist/producer. I make Rock/Disco house. I anyone wants to collaborate PM/contact me. Have produced for...

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joelebron00 20th February 2021
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Hey guys and ladies, I love writing songs.. record vocals at home, and have been spending some time learning how to mix also,...

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morgs500 20th February 2021
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Dear Forumistas, Anyone in or near Halandri in Athens (EU) who can budget friendly repair a vocal mic and cable and/or borrow...

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hanuman 17th February 2021
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Hello.if you want to make Collab with Zippy Kid send me your music part...

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zippykidking 15th February 2021
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Myself and a few others have been making a Discord server with a friendly community to help people learn how to make metal music...

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TheHornyDonut 15th February 2021
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Hey there, i've created a Fiverr gig where there is a few examples and videos, but i'm open to discuss any kind of collaboration,...

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Maoz 11th February 2021
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As the title states we are in need of a contemporary male country vocalist for a complete country album. For detail's PM me.

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bgood 7th February 2021
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Hi! Im a 35 year old woman from Sweden who is gonna release my debut single "Someone else", which you can find at...

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denstrow 2nd February 2021
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Hello Everyone, I'm a composer for TV and Film. From time to time I`ll have a project that needs some players, Not a full...

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medirecon 23rd January 2021
Avatar for bpolits

SF Bay Area East Bay's Marble Jimson seeks recording engineer for outdoor/socially distanced 1-day session and related follow-up,...

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bpolits 23rd January 2021
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I need a song mixed, mastered and produced, and on I was offered all of this for $1.600. Am I risking getting...

Little Hal
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bill5 20th January 2021
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Hi everyone. With lots of time on my hands this past year i started teaching myself to code and have made some software. I am...

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Welshhobo 18th January 2021
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Hi everyone ! I writted and produced a song, but i'm struggling with the mix and the mastering section. I'have the feeling...

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Anghello 16th January 2021
Avatar for brill bedroom

I'm in need of that flavor on a 60s inspired song I'm working on: Zombies, Beatles, The Guess Who, that vibe. I could use a soft...

brill bedroom
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brill bedroom 16th January 2021
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We are looking for a group of experienced audio programmers/developers to build an audio plug-in. It would be mainly sound...

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amyyu 15th January 2021
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I’ve been producing for over five years and am looking to meet other local producers to collab with in real life. I’m based...

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crackpanther 21st December 2020
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Hello, we’re two musicians aiming to record an excellent electronic instrumental. We have a demo that incorporates a few...

Veteran of the P
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Veteran of the P 20th December 2020
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Hi, Look for european electro musicians for totally improv streaming live set. Sébastien mullaert spirit :) Chers

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guy38 20th December 2020
Avatar for Millitantmachine

I currently have multiple projects that need a vocalist. A heavy metal CD with 8-10 songs A singer for hooks and rnb parts for a...

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Millitantmachine 10th December 2020
Avatar for Niagara Music

Hello, we are Piazza Media GmbH, a full-service entertainment agency with own music production department, label, music...

Niagara Music
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Niagara Music 8th December 2020
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Hello Folks, Please find below a link to my latest cover for oasis which i sang and produced myself ... I'd really like to...

DJ Bechara
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DJ Bechara 6th December 2020
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What's going on? Anyone down to collaborate on Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration? I make hip-hop, r&b, and trap instrumentals.

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champagnepapi 5th December 2020
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Hello fellow (software)e-drummers, I'm developing software drumming fixes helping to get a properly working e-drum performance...

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Nick74 1st December 2020
Avatar for Andrea

Hi there! I have an album up for release (the first single is out today). I'm looking for DJs/producers out of my usual circle to...

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Andrea 28th November 2020
Avatar for Pa104

Hi guys, my name is Pau i’ve recently open up my production and mixing company: and im looking...

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Pa104 17th November 2020
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Hey everybody, we're a new music promotion channel focused on a few subgenres of techno. For months we've been pondering whether...

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coprifuoco 15th November 2020
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Hi guys, I have 2 pop songs I am producing. Both songs are almost finished, but before we send them out to be mixed I want to...

Lazer Toms
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Lazer Toms 15th November 2020