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By popular demand here is a new collaborations sub forum where you can seek out like-minded forum members to help out with...

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vinnie2k 13th June 2021
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Hey there, just finished the new Album. Still waiting for mastering to be finished... For some tracks it might be nice to add...

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Jansemann4433 1 week ago
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Well i had problems providing audiosamples, and it looke Messy, so i just made a new Thread: So, i want to finish my Remasters...

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jimihendrixsanta 1 week ago
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New residential studio in Pacific NW USA seeks talented producer/engineer. You will be the "In-House Engineer" and you...

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BuyMy809 2 weeks ago
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HY all I search a Masteringengineer who helps me finish remaster an old Record of Jimi Hendrix. Dont need to be Bob Katz, as...

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jimihendrixsanta 3 weeks ago
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So you have a femal(-ish) expressive voice and you can sing, can come up with additional ideas for melody and text and you are...

Aenor Edits
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Aenor Edits 4 weeks ago
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I'm looking for producers to collaborate with. Genre...well, an amalgamation maybe of New beat, Electro, early EBM, Electro...

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AtiaElectro 10th August 2022
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Hello, I was looking for feedback on this track; Ways to improve; Or a collaboration if anyone wants. Hope you enjoy this...

Epsilon Mantis
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Epsilon Mantis 9th August 2022
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hi If anyone had any tips on what areas I should focus on to improve on for this commercial track instrumental? Arrange as in...

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joecc 2nd August 2022
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Anyone making this style and have a studio based in UK I have a few tracks that need some arrangement & final analog mix...

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Lucazade 2nd August 2022
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I'm an aspiring artist/producer/engineer looking to link up with someone knowlegable about animation to create some hilarious...

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FreshProduce 2nd August 2022
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my style is mainly slow ish, dark beats. an example: would love to work...

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cupids10 31st July 2022
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I'm currently working on a track with a male vocalist and several rappers. The bare bones of the track is down but I need someone...

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ghostman 23rd July 2022
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Hi I recently moved to LA to pursue production. How can I get involved in the music scene I want to go out and meet people. I...

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TVPostSound 19th July 2022
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Not sure where to post this, but I could use some help. I also posted this in "Sketches" but thought I might get more...

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pencilextremist 17th July 2022
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Hey everyone! hope you doing well. I have few techno/house tracks that I'm not able to finish since I lack the knowledge. The...

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shay2089 13th July 2022
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Hello, I'm a singer and I started a channel making cover songs videos. I look for collaboration with musicians who can record...

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rrb6699 11th July 2022
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Hi all, since I am looking to network with fellow music industry people, I wonder does anyone have a connection to music manager...

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rapmusiclover123 7th July 2022
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I have 11 tracks for my upcoming album. I need 1) mixing advice and 2) mastering. I've got everything from classical...

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RedPeakAudio 3rd July 2022
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Session singer available for paid work Based in the UK. Interested in projects worldwide. Do you have a recording project...

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Moobans 27th June 2022
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Hi Anyone do Chill Out, or think they can come up with a vocal for...

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joecc 27th June 2022
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House/Electronic Hi , Looking for feedback, Is this worth finding a vocal for? if anyone...

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joecc 22nd June 2022
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Looking for studio with grand piano and pair of RCA KU3's hmu! Need to track piano for one song

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Hyep 21st June 2022
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Hi, I am looking for a singer (male or female) for a synthwave/pop project. We are based in Sweden. PM me if interested.

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rapmusiclover123 14th June 2022
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hi there, I am looking for people to collaborate with main genre: pop/hiphop

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rapmusiclover123 14th June 2022
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Hi all, I have a pretty flushed out home studio and a variety of vintage and modern hardware synthesizers. I'd be interested in...

The Digital Man
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The Digital Man 11th June 2022
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So while a competent musician and engineer myself, I am actually a far more skilled filmmaker and animator and am currently...

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The Digital Man 11th June 2022
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Dears, In a composition, one of the singers is in Sydney without mic and interface. Is anyone there who could help out, maybe...

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hanuman 5th June 2022
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I have a song, text and melody that I see recorded as a heavy/thrash song. Need guitar riffs and a solo at least.

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DAH 9th May 2022
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i have a backbeat track, need a soulful salsa accompaniment and a solo from 1:08 to 1:38.

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DAH 8th May 2022
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Hello Everyone! I am looking for someone to help me produce an old skool house album. I am more a musician than a producer...

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kaspian14 4th May 2022
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Anyone with an FA-06 wanna make some cash? I'm trying out for a 80s cover band and I need studio sets (patches) for the keyboard...

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mwtzzz 26th April 2022
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Hi All, Im going to expand into eurorack and have a very small rig for almost 2 years now. Want to advice with someone...

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HirreTR808 22nd April 2022
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Nice to meet you. I am contacting you from Japan using a translation tool. I run an indie band in Japan. For your reference, I am...

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MIC_ME 19th April 2022
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I use different techniques and have build a good catalog of songs and beats. If anyone is looking to collaborate let me...

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bossup 8th April 2022
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Hi, I’d really like to mix some stoner rock/metal or doom bands, for passion, not profit. Nice analogue rig and great...

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Surbitone 8th April 2022
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Hey, I would like to share my playlist of music with a friend privately so he can stream it easily. My playlist is FLAC files...

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s wave 7th April 2022
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Hi just thought I would test the waters here- Got a mellow beat with trap edge that needs an opinion on bass. Whether it’s...

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ronbunsen 7th April 2022
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yo whats happening, thanks for accepting me into the forum. I’m a Jazz musician and BoomBap lover. Id love to get more...

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DAH 26th March 2022
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Hey I just moved to LA 6 months ago and have been trying to get in studio with other producers/writers to collab but havent had...

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newguy1 21st March 2022
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Looking for a Gtr player to write/record with remotely... Americana, blues, rock, roots... pm me!

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Guru42 8th March 2022
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Anyone GS'ers in the London area fancy a meetup now that lockdown is lifted? The lift may not last forever... I, for one,...

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Surbitone 8th March 2022
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I'm looking for a singer to take a crack at replacing my very pitchy and lame lead vocal on this track - I'd really like to hear...

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IoannisTsoumaris 14th February 2022
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Hey all, I have a pretty decent setup at home and for some reason after all the tutorials and guides provided on Youtube and...

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KRebz 10th February 2022
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Hey, I'm assembling a new band and we're looking for two musicians. Right now, the focus is assembling the band, finding a good...

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joeirente 7th February 2022
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Hi! I am a mixing engineer with about 2 years worth of experience looking to collaborate with producers/songwriters. Mostly...

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musifox 3rd February 2022
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To whom it may concern, I am putting together a presentation (business plan) for a new type of keyboard/musical instrument....

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zephonic 1st February 2022
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i couldnt pay though but i hope some DJ might be up for it. if you're interested please pm me so i'll send yout the beats. i only...

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DonGoliath 17th January 2022
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Hi, Is there any songwriter that wants to write to one of these? Cheers, Seb

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Crisscross 15th January 2022
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I just got an email saying Bandhub shutting down March 15th. anyone use bandhub?

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dennisski 2nd January 2022
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Hello Sorry if this is long or not the right place to post This is about a collaboration that was in the 80's pre-internet...

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carlheinz 27th December 2021