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9th May 2017 Views: 18,438
Views: 18,438
9th May 2017
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Looking for experience users in both to give a break down of the differences... Is there anything Reaper can't do that Studio One...

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Soundandy 23 hours ago
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Hello, I am new to these forums so hopefully I am not breaking a rule. Anyhow, I just purchases a mini M1 and installed...

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Mercado_Negro 1 day ago
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Hello my Reaper friends, I've noticed a strange behaviour. When I put a limiter plugin (Pro-L) on an item and leave master bus...

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Seann 2 weeks ago
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Realized recently that I would enjoy mixing my one-man-sludgey/indie-band recording projects a lot more if I could manipulate...

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JP13 2 weeks ago
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Okay, full disclosure, I asked this from Justin himself, but since the problem hasn't resolved, I'm just going to ask the same...

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dfghdhr 6th March 2021
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Though not officially supported, the SSL site says all basic functions should work...has anyone tried yet? thx...

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oceantracks 2nd March 2021
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Hi , i have just brought a Control24 desk. I am using V Control software to use it with Reaper. Is anyone else doing this please....

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PeteAussieRock 2nd March 2021
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The title has it. I've got my work done and ready to make into a CD but cannot find anything in Reaper that says "burn...

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CAL. 27th February 2021
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HI I'm having an issue with trying to share a configuration file with some who has a Mac M1, which was brought last...

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Muser 27th February 2021
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I wish it was simple pull-down box choosing inputs The workflow: Click on Routing Button, Add New Hardware Ouput... it...

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RitchieBorg 13th February 2021
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two instances of Reaper based loopers: ZFwtxXYLkZI 1: Super8 Midi Controller for Reaper DAW LmMO4KhsxLI 2: Nabla...

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Muser 12th February 2021
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ReaTrak Studio beta test (Chord Track for REAPER) - Cockos Incorporated Forums ReaTrak Studio will give you a chord track in...

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odod 26th January 2021
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I literally have zero sound before and after trying to record on Reaper. You can see the notes on the track but nothing plays. ...

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T0k3n 23rd January 2021
Avatar for oceantracks

I'm just trying the demo. Totally new here with Reaper. I have two tracks. I open the mixer, and only see a Master...

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shmuelyosef 19th January 2021
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I am faced with a problem that I cannot solve. My daw cotroller Beringer X-Touch works great with automating volume envelopes the...

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rhythmtech 10th January 2021
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Hi. I was a long-time mac Logic user and switched to Reaper about a year ago. I often work in 44.1k and 96k. All was fine but at...

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Muser 30th December 2020
Avatar for goom

… and I wasn't impressed. It was so dumbed down compared to Reaper, but I did like Drum Racks. And the GUI was super-stylish...

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razorboy 20th December 2020
Avatar for ayskura

great update from the awesome REAPER with beta compatibility with the newest M1 Processors from Apple. Also The developer(s)...

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Muser 17th December 2020
Avatar for oceantracks

I read where there is some kind of extension or something (sorry I don't know REAPER at all)....that allows you to save different...

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Muser 16th December 2020
Avatar for CAL.

Hi all I've only had my PC (large SCAN Build) for less than 2 years, it's a powerful audio PC and has been a joy to own and...

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CAL. 11th December 2020
Avatar for Muser

it might be useful to point out what to expect, or what you found but didn't expect, when moving from version 5 to version...

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Muser 1st December 2020
Avatar for menakaram

Dear All I am confused about the reaper mono channel, as my sub bass is mono and everything is ok but after i side-chained kick...

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nightscope 29th November 2020
Avatar for drockfresh

Are there *any* good fader controllers for Reaper? Do any of you use them? They all seem like plastic junk :(

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Deleted a4b98bf 26th November 2020
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I've used Reaper for several year, love it, love the UI, the workflow, everything. However, in the last month it's started...

Creative Curator
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Avatar for siniarch
siniarch 12th November 2020
Avatar for foamboy

Good day everyone. I am currently looking for a solid DAW that I can use to playback multiple tracks and control lighting via...

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foamboy 4th November 2020
Avatar for joeq

Hello I am long-time Pro Tools user. I have been teaching audio for 35 years, the last 20 using Pro Tools. This semester, ...

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Muser 22nd October 2020
Avatar for ayskura

the more I use Reaper the more I just love it! I recently produced a band album recorded on a stage and it was around 2 hours of...

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Avatar for ayskura
ayskura 19th October 2020
Avatar for vinnie2k

Hello, Building a new DAW for Reaper. Reaper: - Smallish (up to 20 tracks) - Using Kontakt / LABS / BBC Symphony...

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vinnie2k 18th October 2020
Avatar for HuskenDriller

Reaper DAW - Mastering Harsh Noise Masterclass Mastering Harsh Noise, from the Japanoise...

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HuskenDriller 14th October 2020
Avatar for The0

Hi, I am using Reaper and today I noticed something weird. I am recording my voice as usual and I feel like it's clipping,...

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Avatar for Rick Dalton
Rick Dalton 30th September 2020
Avatar for brasmssn

Hey team, Running into an issue while tracking guitar on Reaper recently. I have 4 tracks active, each using a different FX...

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Muser 12th September 2020
Avatar for Kozmos88

Hi just wondering if anyone else has had an issue when trying to load Addiction Synth into Reaper ~~~~~~ i installed...

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Kozmos88 3rd September 2020
Avatar for Organist

Good morning, I own a Focusrite Clarett 4pre USB. I would like initially to get advice on Reaper settings to get the maximum...

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Organist 11th August 2020
Avatar for ZenMaster

Hi guys! Perhaps a bit of a noobish question here, but I'm trying to set the project tempo to make it double .. from 98bpm to...

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ZenMaster 4th August 2020
Avatar for MoltenVoltage

STATUS MIDI Display can act as a mini-teleprompter for your studio. The STATUS Message Maker plugin works with Reaper, Cubase...

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Muser 4th August 2020
Avatar for Muser

This chap carried out a test measuring the midi timing of a few devices. the main DAW tested was...

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Muser 22nd July 2020
Avatar for dfghdhr

I asked this in REAPER forum and since I got no answers I'm going to ask it here. I'd like to know how REAPER interprets...

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Muser 12th July 2020
Avatar for Sounds of Wolf

Has anyone had success with Soundtoys with Reaper?? Good bad and ugly?? Thank you all and be safe..

Sounds of Wolf
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Avatar for madriaan
madriaan 1st July 2020
Avatar for firubbi

Hi, in the project setting, there are two options named playback resample mode and render resample mode. how this will affect...

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Muser 26th June 2020
Avatar for bundaskenyer008

I read on GS someone heard a rumour that Daft Punk used Reaper for the Tron Legacy soundtrack. Now there is this recent...

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Muser 21st June 2020
Avatar for BlindInTexas

Hi! I'm wondering what kind of fader controller I could use for just writing automation/panning in reaper? Will it do with for...

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Muser 17th June 2020
Avatar for patrickstanley

Hello, I hope you are very well these days. I want to play a video on youtube at the same time that I use reaper. I use irig hd 2...

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Avatar for patrickstanley
patrickstanley 15th June 2020
Avatar for Tahoebrian5

Hi, direct monitoring with my antelope discrete synergy 8. I set my preamp gain and have good level going to the DAW but I have...

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Muser 1st June 2020
Avatar for TS-12

Heard about reaper years ago but never investigated about it deeply. Best thing about it if learn all key commands and...

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Muser 31st May 2020
Avatar for Reverb

Stupid question but figure it's an easy answer for most of you: If I only have midi tracks in my project and I increase the...

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Muser 22nd May 2020
Avatar for johnnyherms

With master hardware outputs on the default tracks of 1 & 2, my panning does not work. Instead, panning anywhere to the left...

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Muser 18th May 2020
Avatar for RFrommann

Hi I am new to reaper (Pro Tools is getting to expensive for me at the moment ) and I just try learning by setting up a mix...

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Avatar for funkycam
funkycam 15th May 2020
Avatar for RondeMay

I'm at a loss as to why I keep getting audio dropouts during playback and recording. I'm using a pretty decent PC with Win 10 and...

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Avatar for califauna
califauna 10th May 2020
Avatar for Deleted 5a55dd9

Sometimes when I drag note sections around the timeline in Reaper I notice they can move slightly out of quantisation, I then...

Deleted 5a55dd9
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Muser 6th May 2020
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profvonsok 3rd May 2020