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To Ed: "Hurricane"
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To Ed: "Hurricane"

Dear Ed,

I'm a huge Stones fan, and learnt that you've enginereed Ron and Keith on "Hurricane", the track included in the free CD they're giving at current tour shows to people who donates to Red Cross (in order to support the ""Disaster Relief Fund for Hurricane Katrina").

I managed to listen to the track, and found it very magnetic and captivating, despite its short lenght (1:25), and simple lyrics (basically, I add for other users, he goes on with the verse "Oh, How it shrieks. Days turn into weeks. Nobody knows which way the wind blows... Hurricane"). It's Keith magic. He doesn't needs 5 minutes to take you by the hand and walk along the path of intensity.

Now, despite my fan frenzyness, it would be very nice if you could shed some more light on that session. I think I've read somewhere it happened during the "Licks" tour, in May 2002. Detalis like: what was the studio, what about the lads' axes and your gear.

Thanks in advance for your kind answer!

Ciao from Italy,
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Hi Chris,
Let's see........I just got home from being on the road with them Stones....a week, anyways. They played a segment from Salt Lake City for the American Music Awards.....****ty show, but I thought The Stones rocked.
Hurricane was recorded in the spring of 2002 in Paris at Studio Guillame Tell. I really love that room, a converted movie theater that really sounded great to me. We were there for 6 weeks, or so, to ostensibly record a few songs for the 40 Licks package.....but we were also there for the band to play together to and start working out material for the 40 Licks tour. Keith was playing through his usual rig...I think he was playing his Strat through a Fender Twin on this song. I don't remeber what Ronnie was playing. We were spending a lot of long days and nights, just hanging and playing, trying out new material......and we recorded at least 20 or 30 different jams and partially completed grooves and songs. That song just sort of happened, and we really didn't consider it until Keith, I think, remembered that we had cut it...then we had to find it...which we did....and it would be a good way to help the Katrina recovery effort. I do have to say that it was mostly a really great time in Paris with them...we cut a lot of great music that I hope will one day see the light of day.
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Thanks Ed!


very useful post. I think that for many of us, spending "lots of long days and nights" with the Stones remains the dream of a lifetime. Thanks for your time to answer!


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