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Question to META re: formats of the future
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Question to META re: formats of the future

Hello guys,

I'm not sure which of you to really address this question to, so I'll put it up to all of you and see who jumps in.

First off, John Van Nest here, formally owner of Image Recording in Hollywood and now owner of Resonate Studios in Burbank. I've met most of you at least in passing, and I wish all of you well with your new organization!

So here are my questions. As we know, HDVD and Blu-Ray are just around the corner. Is it physically possible for us to create a music disc which plays on both players? (Perhaps even a two sided disc, one side for each format)?

And secondly, will HDVD and/or Blu Ray players play existing CD's?

Thanks much, guys, in advance!

John Van Nest
Resonate Music Studios
Old 26th November 2005
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Hi John....Hope you're well. Just like VHS and Beta, Blu Ray and HD-DVD will not be compatible with each other. I'm not even sure if they'll be successful. Once again hardware manufactureres are asking the consumers to buy into a new format when they've hardly bought into 5.1. They would also like to see 5.1 change to 8.2 and they don't really have a good reason. Both sides could be setting themselves up for failure in this economy.


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