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What is the current way to distribute music and get paid? Are CD's officially done? I don't understand how in 2020 we STILL...

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chrisso 2 hours ago
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Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Mods please move it to the right place. My question is this: Say you recorded a cover...

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psycho_monkey 23 hours ago
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what are you guys using for your sites? I'm looking for a new theme. or sell me on a diff website service.

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jimmyhazen1 1 week ago
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Hi how do you guys charge for mixing a song. Most of you all have your studio it seem but i don't , i tried mixing ITB by it...

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FazeFlip 1 week ago
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So I’ve made a site with Wix and am happy with it. Now I’d like to purchase my domain, looking at godaddy to register the...

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jerry123 2 weeks ago
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Hi! 2706 Burbank Studios is located in Burbank, CA. We are home to a group of individual creative sound professionals in...

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kenevill 4 weeks ago
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How much do you spend on visual art a) for your personal inspiration ("coffee table books" posters, artwork etc) b)...

Deleted 38a4a95
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GLASSSIREN 4 weeks ago
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I find this fascinating: Seems like the pandemic...

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rorohello 4 weeks ago
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I'm halfway done with my Mechanical Engineering degree. I've been getting really worn down with the HVAC, Construction,...

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RayHeath 4 weeks ago
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First I don't know where to place this thread, so it randomly ended up here in this category. What is NFT? It's "non...

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matucha 10th March 2021
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Hello Im working in music business for more than 15 years and since this industry is changing fast thanks to technology,...

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Prototech 9th March 2021
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Hi all, Question about Wix website and music players. I have an existing Wix site that currently uses a Soundcloud based...

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sivertb 4th March 2021
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Looks like the average payout per 1 millions streams is $3000 I see a lot of "unknown" (at least to me) new house...

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Bob Olhsson 4th March 2021
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So, I mastered an album yesterday and for the first time ever, was asked if I accepted Bitcoin! Anyway, I obliged... just added...

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Surbitone 27th February 2021
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Spotify forced to defend multi-million pound podcast deal with Prince Harry and Meghan confoosed Spotify has paid the Duke and...

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Whatever 26th February 2021
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Hi guys This is something im interested in doing and was wondering if anyone has any tips or pointers on where to start in...

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Gracekb 25th February 2021
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Hi, newb here so please don't flame me. I've googled this question and am still confused -- I'm planning on filing...

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Brooklyn1280 24th February 2021
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I'm looking for an audio player I can embed in my website that plays local files but also displays links to streaming (e.g.,...

Resort Records
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Resort Records 23rd February 2021
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Im going to keep this short. Facts: 1. This is the client's first ever song. She is a singer who performs with a group at...

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Bushman 23rd February 2021
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Trying to figure out gear insurance. There seems to be a question of whether gear is personal property (covered) versus business...

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Timatack 16th February 2021
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I was hoping to vend high-resolution and surround singles from my website. Since those aren't generally available through...

Resort Records
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Aenor Edits 9th February 2021
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So, basicaly im looking into starting in a online school, to get the tread started off the right way, im not able to attent...

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elegentdrum 18th January 2021
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Hey how are you all I've been called into a studio for an interview for an internship. Im wondering if you guys can give me any...

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Tatara 13th January 2021
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Hi guys I'm new to posting on these forums, but I've been reading the gearslutz forums for years n years now. Strange that I only...

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they_fit 12th January 2021
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Some days ago I made the mistake some comment on an Facebook sponsored link about a Spotfiy follower growth...

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Erth 12th January 2021
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Which artist services companies do you all like now? Once upon a time (ca. TopSpin), I had a reliable list of artist services...

Resort Records
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Resort Records 11th January 2021
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Thought i'd make a funny post for the community during these weird times. I hope this is the right place to post it. The topic...

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psycho_monkey 7th January 2021
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So, I was going through SoundExchange to see what I had floating around out there and found out that UMG has claimed 100% rights...

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Jeff Hayat 1st January 2021
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I have wondered since my teenage years at what point did the devaluing of maturity and mature artists become a reality regarding...

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MikeInOttawa 29th December 2020
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Hey guys, I want to make some changes in my life after the Covid Pandemic, and I was seriously wondering, how...

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Lfoxxx 22nd December 2020
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Hey folks, is there a database where one you look up who mixed, recorded, mastered etc. a given track? Thx. Stanley

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Klangarchitekten 21st December 2020
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Hi guys and girls! I'm completely new here so I'll just go ahead and answer some burning questions. I have developed enough...

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psycho_monkey 19th December 2020
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Hi everyone, I work for a 2 man audio services and production company in the UK and we've been picking up work on the Freelancing...

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frans 15th December 2020
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Hi there guys! I´d love to know if is worth paying in order to get production or mixing work, anyone here had...

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frans 15th December 2020
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I'm about to pull the trigger on their yearly subscription, their sale is ending tomorrow... Is it worth it? What I'm looking...

Deleted 5edf3fa
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ragnarokzwei 26th November 2020
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I have a few offers on the table for my album, my previous deal was library music. I understand there is no real money to be...

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Pip 25th November 2020
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Is anybody here generating an income from their works? I'd love to know how to do it. I've been doing this for fun for 8...

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Progger 19th November 2020
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Hello, I have no idea where to post this thread. I’m wanting to trademark my bands’ name. Who do you recommend for submitting...

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Crazy4Jazz 18th November 2020
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Hello all, new here. I found this site thru some extensive googling. I am a graphic / video / web designer and am looking for...

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BrianFoster 13th November 2020
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Because... why not? It costs something like $200-300. Not like a real label with promotion, marketing and all that stuff....

Deleted 6833614
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psycho_monkey 8th November 2020
Avatar for Rick Dalton

Look at all the Churches now days, with massive complex sound systems, that need advise here, from Slutz. Sometimes My or Our...

Rick Dalton
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Brent Hahn 20th October 2020
Avatar for Family Tree

Alright everyone, let's talk about sound replacement, specifically for drums. Do you use it, or are you against it? Why or why...

Family Tree
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Family Tree 19th October 2020
Avatar for piano

Why are audio guys paid so much less than Video guys? Or are they? It seems to me they are. Just took a quote from a guy that...

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deedeeyeah 16th October 2020
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Hello! My name is Andru Namaste, I am 45 years old, I am from Belarus. It was not a simple situation in our country that made...

Andru Namaste
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Sry 15th October 2020
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I noticed quite a few went on to Twitch trying to build up communities. It all started a few months into coronavirus. The...

Deleted 6833614
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Deleted 6833614 11th October 2020
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John here. First time poster, long time viewer. Really need some advice here on my situation in Japan. The lead engineer I...

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frans 6th October 2020
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I've got a bit of a loaded situation on my hands and I'm looking for some advice. Over the past few years, I've spent most of...

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psycho_monkey 5th October 2020
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So my client wants to release guided meditations on Spotify, iTunes etc. But when I tried to release the tracks via Distrokid,...

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SyneRyder 30th September 2020
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BitDepth 30th September 2020
Avatar for Adult Lerner

For anyone thinking of trying CD Baby who doesn't already know the ins and outs of this distributor, fair warning: CD Baby is...

Adult Lerner
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psycho_monkey 22nd September 2020