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I feel like one of the most valuable lessons I got from the "role model" engineer guy I worked with for a while, which...

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deedeeyeah 17 hours ago
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Would you turn down a project if it's obvious an artist can't sing/play their instrument very well, or do you take any and all...

Audio Atelier
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s wave 22 hours ago
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Hi all. I need to work on my telephone skills! In particular, it's the client who has not recorded before, rings up and...

Alex Banks
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psycho_monkey 1 day ago
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I recently bought a lot of gear in a relatively short period of time to get some clients and be competitive- outboard gear, tape...

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psycho_monkey 4 days ago
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When I bounce mixes out I put them in two dropbox folders. One with no limiter that I call "Mixes for Mastering" -- and...

Patrick H
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thismercifulfate 2 weeks ago
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So, I mastered an album yesterday and for the first time ever, was asked if I accepted Bitcoin! Anyway, I obliged... just added...

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jeremy.c. 3 weeks ago
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I’m looking for a mastering engineer in the US or, if outside, has an easy way to pay. I did one song with Propeller Mastering...

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brownerthanu 28th June 2022
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Hi all, Looking for a bit of advice on some things with people who have experience with this stuff. About a year ago my...

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psycho_monkey 24th June 2022
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Im preparing a presentation for music listeners that are not into music production, and need fundaments about the added artistic...

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Eduy 21st June 2022
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On the subject of "Words you cannot say on TV" ... I'm working on a song with a few colleges. It's a serious effort,...

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mookmoof 16th June 2022
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Looks like the average payout per 1 millions streams is $3000 I see a lot of "unknown" (at least to me) new house...

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nat8808 4th June 2022
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Hello there everyone, I've been using distrokid for a while and tunecore for my ringtones but neither service can get my music...

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Bubbelgumman 24th May 2022
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Hi, not sure where to post this, and I'm guessing answers won't constitute legal advice, but in general can the liability for...

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tapenade 12th May 2022
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I'm originally from Australia and have been with APRA AMCOS for over ten years. I'm now permanently based in the US with no...

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Kroc 11th May 2022
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What is the current way to distribute music and get paid? Are CD's officially done? I don't understand how in 2020 we STILL...

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nat8808 10th May 2022
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Was just having a conversation with a close friend about the current state of the industry and it made me curious. Are artists...

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psycho_monkey 10th May 2022
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Hi, you can buy this as a service, organic Spotify promo. As a result, youll have 1000 streams on your Spotify song. What do...

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jorgzen 8th May 2022
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Hi, a few years ago, a famous rapper came into my studio (in New York) and recorded over an instrumental that I had written. He...

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illynoise 7th May 2022
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So, in a few weeks, I am moving to Switzerland for living. How much do you guys pay for Audio Gear? For example, how much do...

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Jansemann4433 5th May 2022
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knowing how tricky things can be, how does one know when to take someone's advice with regards to big decisions? gear purchases,...

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bifurcator 24th April 2022
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I’ve been putting together a batch of songs that I want to release as a demo album and see if I can get interest from a label....

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barroco87 23rd April 2022
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Does anyone know of any kind of critical listening or reference room in LA? Essentially just a nicely treated space with high end...

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nmicrocosm 18th April 2022
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I'm a singer-songwriter who writes, performs, and produces all my music. I'm preparing for my first release and would like to...

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SpinningBottles 10th March 2022
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Since I did hit Spinnin' Talent Pool, labels have contacted me. What is a great deal in % when they "eat their piece of the...

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Analogue Mastering 27th February 2022
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I'm new to this, though I've been producing songs for years. I just have them on bandcamp right now with barely any sells. Should...

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a2zEnt 20th February 2022
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Hi there everyone ! I'm in a situation where I produced (and mixed) songs for an artist entirely "from scratch" ,...

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Lucas_D 17th February 2022
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Hi all, Thanks in advance for your input. I could only find one thread on this with no real answers. For my purposes...

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arsonculture 11th February 2022
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In an effort to track my efficiency, I'm looking to gather some data this year so I can take a look at how much time I'm actually...

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deedeeyeah 5th February 2022
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Hello all, So thought I would throw this out to see what people on here think about the topic. If you were to work in music,...

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mat1 25th January 2022
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I was running a production studio from home for about 20 years now. I recently created a website and also list the studio website...

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Analogue Mastering 11th January 2022
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I've had a really bad string of luck with audio interfaces my 5th in 15 years just "broke" (long story). I don't...

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Synth Guru 20th December 2021
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Hi folks, I'm soundcloud based but need to get set up on spotify. Landr now offer a deal that includes spotify access, and...

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bifurcator 15th December 2021
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Hi all, I got an opportunity to sign in to a label but the track needs to have free samples. What is that mean? Does this...

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veks 8th December 2021
Avatar for Resort Records

I'm looking for an audio player I can embed in my website that plays local files but also displays links to streaming (e.g.,...

Resort Records
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Resort Records 30th November 2021
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Hi, I happen to have some freelance jobs recently but my online presence is quite a mess. I bought a domain name a few years...

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pencilextremist 29th November 2021
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Hello, any suggestions for web building software for my music. For establishing an online store, newsletter, music for download....

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Seobi 29th November 2021
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Hello Folks, Not sure where to post this on Gearspace, any suggestions are welcome. Brooklyn/NYC folks, I have a private...

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DominicBartolini 29th November 2021
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Charge for studio set-up time? I just spent an hour setting up, routing, and testing a bunch of mics for a five-person session...

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deedeeyeah 19th November 2021
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What are the best companies for getting a smallish print-run of CDs? Price is my biggest concern; I'd be looking at around 100...

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Josh Unity 4th November 2021
Avatar for Deleted 6833614

Because... why not? It costs something like $200-300. Not like a real label with promotion, marketing and all that stuff....

Deleted 6833614
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usernew 27th October 2021
Avatar for Deleted 5edf3fa

I'm about to pull the trigger on their yearly subscription, their sale is ending tomorrow... Is it worth it? What I'm looking...

Deleted 5edf3fa
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Avatar for 26th October 2021
Avatar for Caine

hey guys, a friend of mine wants to make a game app and i want to do some music for it but i want better to make also a contract...

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boombapdame 20th October 2021
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Not sure where to post this so will try it here. I bought a ticket to Welcome to 1979 Producer Summit in Nashville, Nov 12-14...

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diamondjim 18th October 2021
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When I was in music school I had a list of overplayed covers I had to play over and over, but I’m thinking the top one was...

iFi audio
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Brent Hahn 18th October 2021
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I'm thinking about enrolling in the basic course, anyone here have any experience with the course? As with most courses, you'll...

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waverider 13th October 2021
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Hi, I’d like to chat to a mastering engineer. I have 6 - 8 short ( no more than 3 mins ) pieces recorded for an album of solo...

henry miller
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henry miller 12th October 2021
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I'm trying to find a forum where composers, producers and musicians discuss Music Business and Music Distribution in a...

Boba FET
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Boba FET 12th October 2021
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Hey everyone, I hope this community can give me some assistance on a major issue. I signed up with Onerpm at the beginning of the...

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Biodiode 30th September 2021
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Greetings! I've spent the last year and a half polishing my mixing and production skills and am on the precipice of releasing...

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lonelypioneer 31st August 2021
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I'm going to be self-releasing some material for the first time in over a decade. What unknown unknowns have created...

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newguy1 22nd August 2021