Over the course of 30 years Waves Audio presented us with many plug-in gems being arguably one of the first Plug-in companies in the world. Its fair to say that everyone who has ever worked in-the-box used Waves plugins sometime in their life as most of the top-class audio engineers still do. Here's our list of 10 best classic Waves plug-ins still running today.

Waves API 550

In the market for over 15 years and developed in association with API the Waves API 550 plug-in suite brings two classic API 500 series EQ emulations, the 550A and the 550B. Waves API 550A is a 3-band parametric equalizer with high and low frequency ranges that can be individually enabled and selected as either peaking or shelving. In turn The Waves API 550B offers four overlapped EQ bands with 7 selected frequency centers and 12 dB of boost/cut per band.

Waves CLA-76

This re-creation of a classic 1960's limiting amplifier was developed by Waves in collaboration with the renowed engineer Chris Lorde-Alge. The Waves CLA-76 offers the famed 50 microseconds attack time of the original unit as well as its "all-ratios-in" control. The CLA-76 has been around forever and surely stood the test time.

Waves L2 Ultramaximizer

As the successor of the acclaimed L1, the L2 Ultramaximizer brickwall peak limiting plug-in is helping people get the job done for over 20 years and even got itself a hardware version. Crystall-clear results can be achieved by the tweak of two sliders.

Waves MaxxBass

MaxxBass is a bass enhancement tool that uses psycho-acoustics to calculate precise harmonics that are related to the fundamental tones of low-end frequencies while producing a tight and yet big bass sound. It becomes really handy when you need to enlarge things during post-production.

Waves Q10 Equalizer

Said to be the first commercially available plug-in, the Q10 marks its presence in many highly-praised audio engineer's DAW templates around the globe since its release in 1992. Need I say more?

Waves Renaissance Bass

Following MaxxBass' legacy is the Renaissance Bass. Applying the same technology as its older brother while being aimed at reproducing low-end frequencies in equipments otherwise not fit to the task such as laptops and mobile devices.

Waves Renaissance Vox

Renaissance Vox, RenVox, R-Vox; doesn't matter what you call it, this plug-in will always be a go-to tool for fast vocal processing. R-Vox can compress, gate and enhance a vocal track within minutes with no-brainer operation; just use your ears while tweaking the sliders and you should be ready to go.

Waves S1 Stereo Imager

Wether you want to make your master track wider or just fool around with your synth's pan law, S1 Stereo Imager can be applied in order to get things where they were meant to be. Mix your tracks a little wider than your pan would make or correct an instrument position changed by a processor. S1 is just another never-aging gadget by Waves.

Waves SSL G-Master Buss Compressor

Being one of the first SSL emulations that I've ever heard of, the Waves SSL G-Master Buss Compressor still nowadays a best seller. The plug-in emulates the classic SL 4000 G master buss center compressor so users can benefit from its "glue factor" in an affordable way.

Waves Vocal Rider

Tame your vocal levels without compressing or automating. You heard me right, that's what Waves Vocal Rider does, isn't it wonderful? Set your vocal level range related to your mix and Vocal Rider will automatically control it by lowering and rising the gain according to the vocal's natural dynamic, without compressing and bringing unwanted processing artefacts to your track.