Ten pieces of gear to boost your podcasting and streaming audio quality

Podcasting and streaming is hotter than ever, so here are ten pieces of gear to make your content sound better than ever:

Lewitt DGT 650

Top Quality USB Microphone
Lewitt makes some of the coolest microphones out there, and now they're bringing their fine craftsmanship and sonic expertise to the realm of USB mics with the DGT 650. This is actually more than "just" a superb stereo large-diaphragm condenser, it is a full-fledged recording solution that features a headphone output with a direct monitoring option and a low-latency audio interface that is compatible with Mac, Windows or iOS. A great option to get high-quality takes whenever you want and wherever you are.

Shure SM7B

Industry-Standard Dynamic Microphone
If you haven't been living under a rock you have certainly seen the ubiquitous Shure SM7B in use on so many broadcasts/live streaming from all kinds of content providers, from major TV channels to humble YouTubers, not to mention its frequent use in music recording studios as an exceptional vocal mic (amongst other uses!) It's superb on voice work and capable of handling high-SPL abuse like few others thanks to its effective internal pop-filter, making it perfect for handling those wild guests who will inevitably get too close to the mic - not to mention they will sound amazing on those people who know how to get the best out of them! Couple great sonics with great "bad-room-rejection" as well and you've got a classic.

RME Babyface Pro FS

Endgame Audio Interface?
The Babyface Pro is one of the most popular interfaces on our forums, and with good reason: superb audio quality, flexible connectivity and state-of-the-art drivers compatible with Windows, Mac and iOS. Featured here is the updated Babyface Pro, the 'FS' model, with improved converters and electronics that make it even better than before. The core feature set remains intact, with two mic preamps, two line inputs, stereo output on XLR, headphones outputs, MIDI, and ADAT lightpipe ports for up to eight extra inputs and outputs. All in a compact, portable package that can be easily fit into a small backpack.

IK Multimedia iRig Pre HD

iOS Microphone Interface
IK Multimedia offers many interesting solutions for mobile recording, but if keeping it simple is a must then the iRig Pre HD is perhaps the best option from their catalog. This is a no-frills interface for iPhone and iPad, with one XLR input (with 48V phantom power available to feed condenser mics), a headphones output and a direct monitoring option for zero-latency monitoring. A full-analog version is also available via the iRig Pre, which uses a regular 1/10” analog connector that is compatible with all phones and tablets.

ZOOM H4n Pro

Remote Recorder
Need to record on the go without the clunkiness of a computer and an audio interface? Check out the Zoom H4n Pro, a 4-track remote recorder with built-in stereo mics, two XLR inputs for your favourite mics, plenty of onboard storage and battery life to spare for hours of recording fun. It also works as an audio interface, so if you can afford (or want to carry) a laptop you can still record on the go with the clunkiness of a computer and an audio interface!

RODE RodeCaster Pro

Podcast Mixer
The RØDECaster Pro is an interesting all-in-one solution for serious podcasters, merging mixing and recording tools into a single platform that can operate with or without a computer. The RØDECaster Pro boasts four Class A mic preamps with onboard processing such as compression, ducking, noise gate, de-esser and Aphex Aural Exciter/Big Bottom for seriously enhancing audio quality. It also comes with convenient bluetooth input, multiple headphone outputs and a USB interface. A very elegant solution if you’re hosting multiple guests on your podcast.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

Closed-Back Headphones
Good isolation, loud volume for monitoring and great sound quality, plus the benefit of low-impedance (just 32 ohms) so they work basically anywhere with any device. That’s precisely what one needs to monitor with confidence, and that’s precisely what the ATH M50X delivers. A Bluetooth version, the ATH-M50xBT, is also available right now in case wires are your enemy!

JBL 104-BT

Compact Speakers
The JBL 1 Series 104-BT are quite remarkable speakers, and not only for their good looks - we have the white version featured here but they are also available in classic black. They’re compact, easy to install, great-sounding for their size and provide not only professional connectivity through TRS balanced inputs but also amenities such as Bluetooth and a conveniently-placed auxiliary input at the front. All at a super-affordable price that can keep some cap room available for your other investments. There's also "non-BT" version available, which is slightly cheaper in price but otherwise sounds and looks exactly the same, minus the wireless option.

Aston Microphones Halo Reflection Filter

Microphone Shield
Regular rooms are often plagued with bad reverberations, something that can lead to subpar and disappointing recordings, and a quick fix for that is going for one of the many mic shields out there. The Aston Halo Reflection Filter is arguably the best in clas - it’s a shield on steroids, boasting a reassuringly big size and a design that deploys special materials to mitigate the problem of bad-sounding rooms and seamlessly getting almost any space suitable for good vocal recording.

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