Ten pieces of gear to boost your podcasting and streaming audio quality

Podcasting and streaming is hotter than ever, so here are ten pieces of gear to make your content sound better than ever:

Lewitt LCT 441 FLEX

Flagged as a content creator's as well as a studio gear piece by the company's website, the Lewitt LCT 441 Flex Condenser offers the extreme flexibility of 8 switchable polar-patterns ranging from supercardioid to figure-8 with 3 reverse choices (reverse supercardioid, reverse cardioid and reverse wide-cardioid) so virtually nothing can limit its performance. Lewitt makes some of the coolest microphones out there so either you have a low-noise home studio or a proper acoustically treated room you certainly can make good use of this microphone's incredible high-end specifications in all desirable sound sources.

Shure MV7

If you can't afford a low-noise environment or don't really have use for 8 different polar-patterns don´t worry, there are still plenty of high quality entry-level microphones in the market such as this one. With almost one hundred years in the business it is needless to say Shure is a benchmark regarding microphone designing and manufacturing and has recently - as all major companies - included a number of podcasting and content creation products in their catalog such as the MV7. Designed and built as a budget version of the company's legendary broadcast flagship, the SM7B. The MV7 dynamic micrphone offers podcasters the flexibility of both XLR and USB connections as well as a built-in headphone output, combine these with its included MOTIV Desktop App and you'll have all the tools needed in order to stream right away as the mic by itself can work as an audio interface.

Focusrite Vocaster Two

Next on this list we have the Focusrite Vocaster Two, which alongside its smaller version, the Vocaster One announced the company's gateway to the podcasting and content creation market. The Vocaster Two can be sold separately or together with the Vocaster DM14v dynamic microphone and the HP60v headphones with a promotional price tag as the "Vocaster Two Studio" bundle. The little-but-mighty interface features two XLR microphone inputs conveniently tagged as "guest" and "host" as well as two headphone outputs with independent volume knobs also labeled the same way. Intuitive front-panel controls tells you pretty much all you need to know just by looking at it and a big center encoder adjusts the selected parameters highlighting the device's seemingless straight-forward operation design. The unit also features a TRS camera output, a TRRS phone input and bluetooth connectivity.

IK Multimedia iRig Pre 2

In need of something more portable, smaller or maybe literally the size of your pocket? IK Multimedia offers many interesting solutions for mobile recording, but if keeping it simple is a must then the iRig Pre 2 can be what you've been searching for with its 40x110x34mm size. The unit features a built-in XLR mic pre with switchable 48v phantom power for use with condenser microphones, I/O separated gain levels, headphone outputs and a fixed 40cm cable with a 3.5mm TRRS Jack connector in order to communicate with your preferable device. You can use iRig Pre 2 anywhere for approx 20 hours with only its 2 AA included batteries as a power source as long as the phantom power's off.


Need to record on the go without the clunkiness of a computer and an audio interface? Check out the Zoom H8, the company’s newest addition to its much praised H series of hand recorders. The H8 is a up to 12-track modular remote recorder with the ability to switch between attachable microphone capsules or 4 more XLR microphone inputs depending on the user’s choice along the equipment’s vast range of optional modules that features X&Y, Mid-Side, Boom, Ambisonic capsules and much more! The recorder has plenty of onboard storage and battery life to spare for hours of recording fun as standalone or as a 12-in/2-out multitrack audio interface with up to 24bit/96kHz of digital conversion, so if you can afford (or want to carry) a laptop you can still record on the go with the clunkiness of a computer and an audio interface!

RODE RodeCaster PRO II

The RØDECaster Pro II is an all-in-one solution for serious podcasters, merging mixing and recording tools into a single platform that can operate with or without a computer. The RØDECaster Pro boasts four Class A mic preamps with studio-grade APHEX® audio processing and on-board effects for seriously enhancing audio quality. It also comes with convenient bluetooth input, multiple headphone outputs, a high-performance quad-core audio engine and dual USB-C interfaces for connecting two computers or mobile devices. A very elegant solution if you’re hosting multiple guests on your podcast.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50X

Closed-Back Headphones
Good isolation, loud volume for monitoring and great sound quality, plus the benefit of low-impedance (just 32 ohms) so they work basically anywhere with any device. That’s precisely what one needs to monitor with confidence, and that’s precisely what the ATH M50X delivers. A Bluetooth version, the ATH-M50xBT, is also available right now in case wires are your enemy!

IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitor

iLoud Micro Monitors are designed to fit small rooms or the size of a typical bedroom and as such they are categorized as “super near-field” monitors and this is very good news for most of today’s content creators and streamers, not only for their outstanding performance dealing with sound reflection in such spaces but also for having the smallest footprint in the world of reference monitors so users can easily integrate it to their workspace. iLoud monitors feature the convenient Position EQ switch allowing owners the choice between a flat frequency response or ‘desk’ meaning the monitor will make EQ corrections regarding a typical bedroom studio situation where monitors are placed above a desk close to a wall. This configuration produces unwanted ‘boomy’ sound artifacts that now can be corrected with the flip of a switch. iLoud Micro Monitors has RCA, TRS inputs and bluetooth connectivity.

Shure SM7B

If you haven't been living under a rock you have certainly seen the ubiquitous Shure SM7B in use on so many broadcasts/live streaming from all kinds of content providers, from major TV channels to humble YouTubers, not to mention its frequent use in music recording studios as an exceptional vocal mic (amongst other uses!) It's superb on voice work and capable of handling high-SPL abuse like few others thanks to its effective internal pop-filter, making it perfect for handling those wild guests who will inevitably get too close to the mic - not to mention they will sound amazing on those people who know how to get the best out of them! Couple great sonics with great "bad-room-rejection" as well and you've got a classic.

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