Next to EQs and compressors, reverb is probably the most critical tool used in our craft and perhaps the most commonly used effect in music and post production. Fortunately we have an abundance of excellent plug-ins for this application, and no shortage of discussions about them in the forums, so we dug through them to find out the ten most popular reverbs right now. In alphabetical order:

All the plug-ins on our list are available as AAX, AU and VST formats for Mac and Windows.


iZotope Nimbus

Exponential Audio plug-ins are the brainchild of former Lexicon designer Michael Carnes, so it comes as no surprise that they are highly popular and considered by this community to be amongst the best. Nimbus is one of his most recent efforts, and like his previous tools it's a reverb of the highest order, with a clean sound aimed at delivering realism, and it's also equipped with plenty of tweakability to fit into any mix situation. Be sure to also check out Exponential's R4 plug-in, which presents a different character with the same overall finesse.

FabFilter Pro-R

For years we have all longed and craved for the boffins at FabFilter to make a reverb plug-in, and we finally had our wish granted in 2016 with the fabulous Pro-R. As expected, it takes the innovative approach that is a company trademark and applied it to a reverb. The results are nothing less than spectacular, with Pro-R showcasing extensive flexibility, stunning sound quality and FabFilter’s highly intuitive interface that makes it a breeze to use. A must-try for all fans of the brand and reverb aficionados in general.

Lexicon PCM Native Reverb Bundle

It is safe to say that the PCM Bundle is a bona-fide classic at this point, and the “Lexicon sound” continues to enthuse this community as much today as it did 15 years ago (when it was only available in hardware!). This bundle has aged well, holding its spot against the latest releases and honouring the Lexicon legacy, but as of 2018 it raises a couple of questions: computing power has increased substantially since its introduction near a decade ago, so why not unite the six reverbs into a single reverb-monolith to simplify and delight us? And when, if ever will Lexicon release a new reverb? It’s been a while since this was new kid on the block...

LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven Professional

LiquidSonics Seventh Heaven Professional fulfills, at least to some extent, the dream of having the industry-acclaimed Briscati M7 reverb sound on a plug-in. This coveted hardware presents a tall ordeal for emulations, and to obtain maximum fidelity LiquidSonics developed a new technology called Fusion IR that takes hardware sampling techniques to the next level with spectacular sound quality. Short on cash? Get the Lite version of Seventh Heaven for a fraction of the price - it omits a few features but the core sound is the same.

Relab VSR S24

After the highly successful LX480 plug-in, widely acclaimed as the best emulation of the iconic Lexicon 480L available at the time, Relab set its sights on another highly coveted hardware reverb: the TC System 6000, a staple for both music and post production. The VSR S24 not only closely follows the VSS6.1 algorithm from the famed unit but it seizes the opportunity to extend and expand, introducing features that are not present in the original reverb and most importantly, it brings another excellent option to our reverberation palette.

Slate Digital VerbSuite Classics

Crafted by LiquidSonics with the same 'Fusion IR' technology that made Seventh Heaven possible, the Slate Digital Verbsuite Classics brings a true compendium of reverbs to your DAW with milestones from EMT, Eventide, AMS, TC, Quantec, Lexicon and others. If that wasn’t enough the list keeps growing - since the original release we've seen two expansions released including the sought after Lexicon 224XL - and given the flexibility of the approach to this product there’s no indication that they will be the last.

TC Electronic VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb

For a long time if you wanted the famous VSS3 algorithm in your DAW you needed to either run Pro Tools HD with Accel cards or buy a TC PowerCore PCI or FireWire box, but with the demise of the external DSP-powered platform and the new MUSIC GROUP ownership TC Electronic has finally made it available as a native plug-in for all. Known for its classy sound and extensive flexibility, the VSS3 was one of the most desired plug-ins of the late PowerCore catalog and this release makes everyone happy: old users who thought they'd lost it can enjoy one of their favourite tools all over again without the outdated hardware and newcomers can access one fabulous reverb plug-in at a great price.

Universal Audio EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverberator Plug-In

Universal Audio makes some of the best reverb plug-ins out there, but the EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverberator stands out as a community favourite and a staple of DSP-powered ITB mixing. Thanks to UA's revered emulation technology, this plug-in not only brings all the vibe of the unit that defined modern reverbs but it goes even further to offer three distinct variations of these quarter-ton monsters, plus all the amenities we come to expect from plug-ins such as extended controls and exclusive presets.

ValhallaDSP Valhalla Plate

After the immensely popular Shimmer, Room and Vintage Verb (VVV) plug-ins ValhallaDSP delivers another fine reverb. Plate, as with its brand-siblings, brings many different plate reverb modes to cover the core aspects of those imposing physical devices and once again it comes with the slick NASA-inspired interface and at the very inviting price of only fifty dollars to boot. Now that we have a superb plate, can we ask for a Valhalla Spring next?

Waves H-Reverb Hybrid Reverb

The plug-in development game moves fast, but the veteran plug-in creators at Waves proved their mettle once again with the uniquely interesting H-Reverb. Combining new Finite Impulse Response (FIR) innovations and their lauded analog circuit modelling technologies, this is a rich-sounding reverb that can take on classic sounds while also opening up the possibilities for new sonic territory. Packed with features that include many sound shaping options and surround sound support, H-Reverb is a strong contender that keeps Waves as relevant as ever.

Some notes:

• Our list shows an interesting combination of different reverb types, from recreations of vintage units to unexplored other-worldly spaces and basically everything in between. It also shows a good mixture of algorithmic and impulse response-based techniques. Let's take a moment and praise all these fine developers for their incredible talents - we are spoiled for choice!

• There’s no shortage of great reverbs and we inevitably had to leave out some great plug-ins, so honourable mentions go to the 2C Audio Aether, PSP Audioware 2445, Zynaptiq Adaptiverb and Acon Digital Verberate.

• For more on reverb plug-ins visit our Music Computers forum.