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9th May 2017 Views: 20,030
Views: 20,030
9th May 2017
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Important Update on Upcoming Creative Tools Price Adjustments We wanted to give you a heads up on some important changes...

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Chevron 14th September 2020
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Hey, how's everyone! I'm trying to figure out exactly how to export all the stems in my Pro Tools project with the processing...

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mattiasnyc 3 hours ago
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My recording biz is now housed in s small [email protected] 100 seats. I can use it as a recording studio when dark from plays, shows....

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DannyMac 3 hours ago
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I'm running and older system and just doing some home recording (but of course, trying to get as close to 'album quality' as I'm...

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DannyMac 3 hours ago
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I am looking for software that can be a modulation source for different plugins and synth in Protools, just like dialog...

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beef 12 hours ago
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I've done a few videos on my YouTube Channel that have been both critical and praising of Avid, I've been especially impressed...

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jwh1192 3 days ago
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Hello i would really appreciate any help. Im dedicating a old imac just for a protools rig. It has 16gb of ram and is very...

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Basslik 3 days ago
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(hope it's ok to post this here...new forum user!) After many years away from recording, I now have a daughter who is writing...

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ejsongs 3 days ago
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I've been using Pro Tools since the 90's, mostly using LE for my own setup, but have used the 'big boy' systems when working in...

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jwh1192 3 days ago
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I bought the 16 analog IO off someone for a good price and was planning to buy a HD native thunderbolt seperately to use...

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barryjohns 4 days ago
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Hello all, I'm running PT Ultimate 2020.12.0 on my Win 10 Pro PC. When working with Video I constantly get error messages....

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Wizzomixer 4 days ago
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I have Pro Tools LE 8 for Mac but have almost no plugins. I have an iLok as well. My question is: Do people sell their old...

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Rob_Feature 6 days ago
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due to relocations and some other factors, i haven't done much music-making over the past few years. happily that's changing for...

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zimv20 1 week ago
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Black Friday perhaps? Thought the summer sale might, but no. Thanks.

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T_R_S 1 week ago
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I feel like in recent years it's become impossible to look at anything PT related without people dogpiling it from all sides,...

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kasami08 1 week ago
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I use Studio One and am happy with it. But I have a client who wants to send me his pro tools session vs bounce everything out. ...

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PascalC 1 week ago
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Hi ya'll, So I've decided on Pro Tools Carbon, but am also considering this other setup...A Merging HAPI Mk2 8 ADDA with Pro...

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PascalC 1 week ago
Avatar for Shawn Simmons

I'm doing some demos with a new client at my home studio. He's got MIDI drum tracks that we are importing into PT. I need to get...

Shawn Simmons
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flandybob 1 week ago
Avatar for Glenn Bucci

I have been using Cubase for over 20 years. I have followed Pro Tools over the years and seen the changes and new owners. Though...

Glenn Bucci
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Gnarmageddon 1 week ago
Avatar for rickymix

Hi, I'm running PT on OSX 10.8.5. Everything works great using my Mbox Pro, Gen3. But wanting more mic inputs, I...

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rickymix 1 week ago
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Hi all, Please note I have read the Avid site completely and am looking for 3rd party confirmation. Has anyone used Pro...

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artysan 2 weeks ago
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Hi, It used to be that you would open the I/O setup, configure your insert paths, calculate the delays, enter the values in the...

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domino 2 weeks ago
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jwh1192 2 weeks ago
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Sombrerogrande 2 weeks ago
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Hey there, I'm hoping this will be a simple question... I have Pro Tools 10 and I am considering buying the newest version...

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Seannnn 3 weeks ago
Avatar for Screamer

Was I the only one surprised with the 2021.7 release today? I'm always good for a beating, so I installed it. So far, no...

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Avatar for rectifried
rectifried 3 weeks ago
Avatar for coriolis1986

Hi all. There are a lot of old cheap Digidesign hardware on a markets. I want to use it on my home studio. I don't need...

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Sugarnutz 3 weeks ago
Avatar for j.frad

Hi everyone. I searched for a while and didn't find anything to really answer my issue. I have been mixing with an Hd Native...

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j.frad 4 weeks ago
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Whats up guys. This is my first time needing to use Dante and my first time seeing the new MTRX converters and Dante. I can get...

Pinebox Studio Services
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Pinebox Studio Services 4 weeks ago
Avatar for Pies

I've upgraded from 11 HD to 12.5 HD this week and everything is working great except the power light on my Omni. For some reason...

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billair 12th August 2021
Avatar for Mr. Kelly

Hi all… I am new to using Protools on Macs, and could use your knowledge and wisdom…. I have a 2017 MacBook Air, which...

Mr. Kelly
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s.d.finley 8th August 2021
Avatar for che_guitarra

Hi all. A few months ago I upgraded to a M1 Mac Mini, and downloaded PT 2021.6 upon release (after reading it was optimized...

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che_guitarra 8th August 2021
Avatar for KingUgly

It shows 5 slots per track/aux/master for plug-ins. Is this all there is? What do you do if you want more than 5 plug-ins on a...

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KevWind 7th August 2021
Avatar for Wilburguy

Hi, We've been waiting for a long time for Izotope of officially support Big Sur and Exponential Audio Reverbs. I need to move...

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Wilburguy 6th August 2021
Avatar for music1839

I see these on ebay go from $500 - $1000, but I am not sure. These are custom but I think they are magma expansion system. ...

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jwh1192 5th August 2021
Avatar for RecordRecord

Hi there, I am a drummer by trade and also have a project studio where I record clients. Sometimes, for scratch track purposes (...

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jwh1192 4th August 2021
Avatar for davidparis77

Hi. I unfortunately erased my drive and don't have anymore my installer for Pro Tools 12.5 for Mac. My subscription is also...

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Wizzomixer 1st August 2021
Avatar for davka95

Hey! Because of the analog realm reasons I'm interested in implementing print track in to my session. Im wondering if anyone had...

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davka95 31st July 2021
Avatar for RiF

I am using PT 9 and a Presonus Faderport. The issue I am having is that I want to find the most quick way to assign the faderport...

replies: 8 views: 6,949
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Patxot 28th July 2021
Avatar for jayfrigo

Basics session came from another studio, set for 32 voices. Made a renamed copy of the session. Edited and recorded vox all day,...

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Protone 28th July 2021
Avatar for jwh1192

M1 Support through Rosetta2 and more ....

replies: 61 views: 2,181
Avatar for weezul
weezul 28th July 2021
Avatar for zvukofor

OK, describing a situation. All studios we have to work with use old Protools HD hardware, with PT 10 installed. Besides all...

replies: 2 views: 1,036
Avatar for Illusionaire
Illusionaire 28th July 2021
Avatar for jnch85

Greetings, I am using a Kensington Expert Mouse (wireless) running on MacOS BigSur w/ Pro tools Ultimate 2021.6.0. The Track...

replies: 8 views: 175
Avatar for hello_pedro
hello_pedro 28th July 2021
Avatar for Donnydank

I dont get it: Last year i made recordings from ableton into pro tools through the UAD console. The recordings were...

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Donnydank 27th July 2021
Avatar for jonpaulr123

Hey everyone, running PT 2021.6 over here - wondering about hardware inserts on an Aux tracks. I have gone through the steps of...

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jonpaulr123 27th July 2021
Avatar for rectifried

Love that I have to force quit after a bounce... fairly clean Mac Pro trashcan 12 core… Been out this 20 years he’s latest...

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SDDP 26th July 2021
Avatar for CedricM

Seriously, Are there any users of Pro Tools on PC ? If so, do they have a dedicated computer? I installed Pro Tools First...

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Avatar for T_R_S
T_R_S 26th July 2021
Avatar for Flatrock

I've been attempting to add a soundtrack to a 4k video with Pro Tools 19, but have been running into a lot of performance issues...

replies: 7 views: 1,250
Avatar for Zoot
Zoot 25th July 2021
Avatar for t_d

having a really annoying spinning beach ball for about 2 seconds every minute or less in 2021.6 .. so i'm going back to...

replies: 8 views: 411
Avatar for jwh1192
jwh1192 24th July 2021
Avatar for herecomesyourman

As the title says. I run HD Native via PCIE and I want to build a new machine. What Motherboard and CPU combo would you...

replies: 5 views: 256
Avatar for firubbi
firubbi 23rd July 2021
Avatar for Daledlf

Im hoping someone can help me asap. Im traveling and need to use my zoom h8 as an audio interface. It keeps saying the input and...

replies: 3 views: 91
Avatar for jwh1192
jwh1192 23rd July 2021