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Important note: Please consider subscribing to the three new sub-forums, 'All Things Technical,' 'Mobile & Location Rigs'...

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Remoteness 5th October 2019
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1 - Pre Production: Talk to band management Band producer, if applicable Band if possible Venue people ...

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Remoteness 25th August 2019
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Hi! My TG77 is suddenly acting really weird? TG77 is playing the minor 3rd above in element2 also the LFO is affected in...

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strengdal 1 day ago
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Hi everyone ! I'm planning to build my own recording studio and i was thinking about a mixing desk to use for recording and...

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tourtelot 1 day ago
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Price under $1000... This may be their response to Zoom. Interested...

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TVPostSound 5 days ago
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Hello, I'm seeking help with my Warm Audio Bus Comp. I have my mixer main outs routed into the inputs of the Bus Comp, and from...

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EightySix00 1 week ago
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I haven't bought this camera yet, but I am thinking about it. In reading about it, it seems to be a good fit for my budget but I...

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norfolksoundman9 1 week ago
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I didn't want to hijack the "What DAW is this?" thread any further with discussion of the Decca desk built for the...

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M50k 1 week ago
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Deserves its own new thread. Monitoring, headphone mixes, talkback over Ravenna, two channels mic amp, DXD/DSD. YouTube

David Spearritt
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scorpix74 1 week ago
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Hi! I am interested in hearing about others experience with the mkh 8040 (or other in the same series) and self noise in the...

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jimjazzdad 2 weeks ago
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Recording off of A&H Avantis. Actually had to route through an SQ7 as they didn't have the dante card for computer interface,...

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deedeeyeah 2 weeks ago
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Just got a ORTF pair of Gefell M930's and was wondering if anyone knew of a shockmount that I could use on the mount rather than...

Just Dan
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David Rick 2 weeks ago
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I am thinking about replacing my Hafler TRM6 powered monitors in my edit studio with one of the above from the Neumann line. I...

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Walldough 3 weeks ago
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My faithful neighbor is often able to swing in when I've got two gigs scheduled for the same day-- such as tomorrow. So...

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12ax7 3 weeks ago
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Touts symmetry for M/S as a main point. I am looking forward to hearing it. List...

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gonzalo1004es 4th November 2022
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Is it true that true condensor mics (compared with the electret type, which have a charged film which actually depletes over...

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chris661 29th October 2022
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Just in case anyone is interested, I've done some windshield tests and included WAV files in my blog post. The mics used are...

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hipporu 27th October 2022
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Dear colleagues, Do any of you have experience running multiple USB interfaces in ASIO (windows)? Basically, I am...

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kirurg 26th October 2022
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This looks interesting:

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9sbean 26th October 2022
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Possibly a stupid question, but when using CAT5 as a four channel analog 'snake', would there be more crosstalk using it for line...

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tourtelot 23rd October 2022
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Hey all, The studio I work at has 11 96 point patch bays all stacked. Issue being that some of the jacks have sunken and now...

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cbc6403 23rd October 2022
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Haven’t seen much discussion about this new mic yet, so I thought I’d start a thread. The TF10 is a new condenser mic...

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Marik 18th October 2022
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45 minutes into a field recording on a Zoom H4n, the batteries died, so no recording file was created. Is there any way way...

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dreamnightwind 18th October 2022
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Hey, I'm looking for english version of user (operational) manual for multiband compressor Behringer MDX8000. I found only...

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analoggg 8th October 2022
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Hi all, I figured this was the best place to put this thread, as it is the classical remotesters that I assume are doing the...

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studer58 3rd October 2022
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Anyone know the spec on this? I can’t find it in the manual despite it being so touted!!

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hebjam 2nd October 2022
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David Spearritt
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David Spearritt 1st October 2022
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new to the Joeco world, but I am considering linking 2 BBR1 units to record up to 48 channels of 24/48; long remote recordings...

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philper 30th September 2022
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Was asked a question by my brother (who works for a software company) and whilst we've got a solution, I thought I'd see if there...

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psycho_monkey 29th September 2022
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Just sharing this video here, a baby grand piano in a tiny room, recorded with Rode’s TF5s. The stereo image isn’t great...

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area8 28th September 2022
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So I’m stumped. I pulled out my old pair of Roland monitors to use as a second set along with my kh80s as a way to check...

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jnorman 27th September 2022
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I just bought some Sommer Cicada 4 cable to make low-profile 2-channel runs with TA5 termination. Before I do so, I wanted to be...

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JoeyM 24th September 2022
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Finally got around to doing a direct A/B comparison of my DIY 75' CAT5 minisnake and the 75' 4-ch dual snake (one quad for...

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studer58 21st September 2022
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I have been working with Korg on this new 1bit recorder that has been designed by Koji Oishi under the supervision of Dr. Yoshio...

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DAH 19th September 2022
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Dear colleagues, How would you set-up a clocking scheme for the following? In the control-room, I have a laptop running...

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avillalta 17th September 2022
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I have been told that there are improvements in Audinate's ability to connect Merging's hardware to the Dante network over AES67...

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David Spearritt 15th September 2022
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I Have this Audix broadcast console, ALB System It's an (I guess) >10 year old mixer. I am missing some things here, the...

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Bolton 14th September 2022
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Wich do you used for mics, analog interconexion and digital? evisto

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iFi audio 14th September 2022
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Hello everybody ! This is my first post here altough I've been wandering here a few times before. I've always found what I was...

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sefedin 9th September 2022
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Sorry if this is in the wrong discussion topic, I am very new. Hello there! I just recently moved and today when plugging in...

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chris661 7th September 2022
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I have a session tomorrow where I need to use six mics into my babyface pro. Alles klar for the 4 analog inputs, but I can’t...

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ronmac 6th September 2022
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I recorded our live gig recently but as I had maxed out of input channels on my Zoon Livetrak L12 I also used my trusty Zoom H4...

Dyffryn Studios
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chelgrian 5th September 2022
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I have pairs of M930 and M950, and particularly love the latter. I have been considering adding a pair of M940 as well, but...

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Progger 30th August 2022
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Hey guys im new to this forum so if i am posting in the wrong sub forum i do apologize but i do not see any forum regarding...

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Joewis75 25th August 2022
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Hi guys, I used in the past professional systems such as Sadie, Sequoia on Windows for editing classical recordings.... The...

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rmaier 24th August 2022
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Just discovered this simple hack - Adding a piece of Scotch-Brite pad (the thin sheets sold at hardware stores and home centers...

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M50k 22nd August 2022
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I withdraw my previous proposition. It overlaps heavily with this. Holographic Audio Signal Recording And Playback Apparatus...

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EnnisEduardo 20th August 2022
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So I saw this little gizmo - It is a usb to ADAT adapter. ...

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jnorman 20th August 2022
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I can't come up with an explanation for this - all are basically the same magneto-optical technology, but a huge percentage of my...

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M50k 17th August 2022
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Hopefully many will find these analyses of frequency dependent cross correlation coefficient (FCC) across several common mic...

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studer58 15th August 2022
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I am running a stereo pair of neuman klm-184s with my mix pre 6 and the 4-AA-battery sled. I was recording a concert last night...

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Calson 10th August 2022
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Not too much info to be found regarding wind ensemble recordings, aside from the classics Eastman Wind Ensemble vintage...

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studer58 4th August 2022